Working with High-Conflict People as a Manager

Working with High-Conflict People as a Manager

Working with High-Conflict People as a Manager is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, produced by the author, Marlene Chism. This tutorial is an absolute step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Management, Business and Management.

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Author Marlene Chism
Publish Date 4/6/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 44m 18s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 15
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Managers need to work with all types of people, even those considered to be difficult or high-conflict people. Learn how to manage and lead high-conflict people and guide them towards positive behavioral change. In this course, executive educator Marlene Chism explains how to recognize high-conflict behaviors and irresponsible language, redirect and communicate more effectively, ask employees for change, and understand the cultural roadblocks that make it hard to manage and confront difficult behavior. Marlene also provides tips for expanding your conflict competency—by calling out and clearing articulating unwanted behavior in the workplace—and improving your strategic communication skills. The three work stories in the course help you see how the lessons apply to real-world conflicts.

Working with High-Conflict People as a Manager : Video Lessons

  • Working with high-conflict people1m 26s
  • Define high-conflict personality versus high conflict behavior2m 46s
  • Recognize high-conflict behaviors2m 55s
  • Change your perspective when in high-conflict situations3m 16s
  • Recognize the four types of irresponsible language3m 14s
  • Identify the high-conflict behavior that needs to change2m 44s
  • Three rules of asking for behavior change3m 6s
  • How culture affects your ability to talk about high-conflict behavior3m 11s
  • Work story: How power structures affect the communication strategy when addressing high conflict2m 44s
  • How to manage resistance when addressing high conflict3m 12s
  • How to courageously call out unwanted behaviors in the moment3m 18s
  • Work story: Increase your capacity for high conflict3m 10s
  • Listen to increase trust3m 19s
  • Boundaries and consequences in changing high-conflict behavior3m 7s
  • Work story: What to do when high-conflict behaviors have gone on too long2m 50s

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