Wildlife Photography: Nature Preserve

Wildlife Photography: Nature Preserve

Wildlife Photography: Nature Preserve is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, produced by the creator, Paul Taggart. This tutorial is an absolute base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Cameras + Gear and Photography.

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Author Paul Taggart
Publish Date 12/1/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 19m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 13
Last Update N/A

See the benefits of learning to photograph wildlife in a controlled environment, and learn how to evoke emotion and personality in the animals you photograph. In this course, photojournalist Paul Taggart takes us to B. Bryan Preserve on the picturesque Northern California coast to study the wildlife there. Local preserves like B. Bryan are a great way to practice your skills before going on safari or to other exotic locations. He explains how to scout spaces, choose and handle gear for photographing wildlife, overcome various challenges (such as shooting around fencing), and stay safe while photographing wild animals. In the final chapter, Paul reviews his best shots of the preserve’s famous giraffes, zebras, and sable antelopes.

Wildlife Photography: Nature Preserve : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 32s
  • Exploring first impressions of a preserve1m 45s
  • Reviewing gear from a preserve shoot6m 54s
  • Scouting the spaces around the preserve7m 19s
  • Finding a guide to assist with the shoot4m 44s
  • Working with a guide to photograph a preserve4m 10s
  • Photographing Rothchild's giraffes at a preserve6m 44s
  • Working shots of Grevy's zebras6m 46s
  • Photographing the sable antelopes safely7m 31s
  • Attempting to photograph the more elusive animals6m 38s
  • Varying shots with the Hartmann's mountain zebras9m 44s
  • Working the photographic possibilities with giraffes10m 9s
  • Reviewing the final selects from the preserve6m 3s

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