Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman (UK)

Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman (UK)

Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman (UK) is an Intermediate level course on Business, produced by an expert, Rachel Botsman. This course is an important step for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business and Business.

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Author Rachel Botsman
Publish Date 1/31/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 25m 52s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 11
Last Update N/A

Author and Oxford University Trust Fellow Rachel Botsman has studied the ins and outs of trust for over a decade. Based on her best-selling book Who Can You Trust?, this course reveals the powerful ways trust shapes our personal and professional lives—enabling us to cope with uncertainty, take risks, and be vulnerable with others. Rachel shares a specific language for understanding what trust is and how it works. She also unpacks the behaviors that are key to earning the trust of others and developing trustworthy cultures, plus the common factors that cause trust to break down and what to do when it does.

Topics include:

  • Why trust matters
  • Dispelling myths about trust
  • How trust really works
  • Embracing risks
  • How to take a trust leap
  • Traits of trustworthy people
  • Who can you trust?
  • How to be more trustworthy
  • Navigating distrust
  • Busting the myth of trust and transparency
  • What to do when trust breaks down

Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman (UK) : Video Lessons

  • The importance of trust1m 38s
  • The real meaning of trust1m 55s
  • Challenging assumptions about trust2m 32s
  • The psychology of risk1m 52s
  • How to take a trust leap3m 4s
  • What to do when trust breaks down2m 31s
  • Busting the myth of trust and transparency2m 27s
  • The relationship between trust and vulnerability3m 6s
  • Deciding if someone is trustworthy: Capability2m 32s
  • Deciding if someone is trustworthy: Character3m 4s
  • The power of trust1m 11s

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