Wedding Photography: Bridal Portraits

Wedding Photography: Bridal Portraits

Wedding Photography: Bridal Portraits is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the author, Chris Orwig. This course is an important pillar for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Portraits, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 3/26/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 22m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 46
Last Update N/A

Learn to capture the personality of a bride and the energy and emotion of the moment during a wedding photography session. In this course, photographer, teacher, and author Chris Orwig shares his creative insights for shooting authentic and beautiful bridal portraits. The course begins with details on preparation: talking with the bride about her desires for the portrait, and scouting the location to find the best places to shoot. Next, Chris photographs a bride, illustrating techniques for lighting and employing props to help relax the subject and add fun and energy to the photograph. The course concludes with a review of the photos and some ideas for further inspiration.

Topics include:

  • Crafting a vision with the bride
  • Choosing gear
  • Scouting the location
  • Photographing details
  • Working with window light and open shade
  • Refining the subject’s poses, posture, and poise
  • Knowing when to make eye contact
  • Reviewing images from the shoot

Wedding Photography: Bridal Portraits : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 35s
  • A roadmap overview to the course2m 31s
  • The art and craft of bridal portraiture4m 27s
  • Crafting a vision2m 27s
  • Evaluating the gear: Is it good enough?1m 58s
  • Choosing your essential gear4m 22s
  • Considering other gear2m 6s
  • Working with an assistant2m 45s
  • Introducing location1m 41s
  • The art of previsualization5m 40s
  • Scouting the location5m 28s
  • Getting ready and capturing candid moments2m 8s
  • Photographing the details2m 2s
  • Setting the tone with a conversational approach3m 2s
  • Using natural locations1m 20s
  • Working with window light2m 32s
  • Working with open shade2m 3s
  • Sitting versus standing2m 24s
  • Working with poses, posture, and poise3m 35s
  • The importance of authentic eye contact2m 7s
  • Using the bouquet in the shoot2m 20s
  • Working with multidirectional natural light2m 3s
  • Capturing images that are quirky and fun2m 42s
  • Introducing props2m 46s
  • Working with props3m 28s
  • Taking images with a vintage truck2m 53s
  • Working with the makeup artist5m 7s
  • Looking at the dress and veil options1m 29s
  • Working with a backlit scene3m 20s
  • Understanding the rhythm of the shoot1m 18s
  • Wrapping up the shoot48s
  • The quality and feeling of natural light1m 38s
  • Working with the bride1m 20s
  • Reviewing mistakes and lessons learned3m 20s
  • Reviewing tips for working with natural light2m 37s
  • Reviewing what worked and what didn't11m 1s
  • Reviewing images from the beginning of the shoot5m 23s
  • Reviewing images from the middle of the shoot5m 49s
  • Reviewing the end of the shoot6m 15s
  • Reviewing the film images3m 45s
  • Comparing before and after7m 29s
  • Making selects: A few words of advice4m 46s
  • Reviewing final tips for bridal portraits2m 54s
  • Exploring the next steps1m 29s

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