Video Gear: Support & Grip

Video Gear: Support & Grip

Video Gear: Support & Grip is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, created by the creator, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is an important base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on DSLR Video, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Shooting Video, Photography and Video.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 11/21/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 48m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 82
Last Update N/A

Sometimes you need heavy-duty gear to do the heavy lifting of video production. Equipment like gimbals, tripods, dollies, sliders, and rails can help you get smoother shots with more controlled motion and capture more unusual angles. In this installment of Video Gear, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman review your options when it comes to support and grip gear. Learn how to stabilize shots; build your own slider; mount cameras with clamps, poles, and micro tripods; add motors for automated motion control; and trigger shots remotely. Plus, learn how to use gimbals and shoulder rigs correctly, and put the gear into practice as Rich and Robbie show how to get some great-looking footage of moving vehicles.

Topics include:

  • Stabilizing shots with gimbals
  • Using a dolly
  • Building a parabolic slider
  • Mounting cameras in unusual places
  • Mounting cameras with micro tripods
  • Using a camera rail
  • Controlling a video camera remotely
  • Using a tripod top slider
  • Keeping your gear safe
  • Using a portable backdrop
  • Shooting with a shoulder rig
  • Adding motors to sliders
  • Using motion control sliders for time-lapse and turntable shots
  • Using a gimbal
  • Shooting in and around a moving car
  • Getting a low-angle shot

Video Gear: Support & Grip : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 4s
  • How can I stabilize the shot using a gimbal?45s
  • Major benefits of a gimbal2m 55s
  • Using a gimbal for a smartphone or GoPro4m 43s
  • Using a professional gimbal3m 53s
  • Lessons learned3m 18s
  • Using a dolly1m 2s
  • Skatewheel and skateboard dollies4m 55s
  • Setting up a dolly3m 25s
  • Setting up a professional dolly5m 59s
  • What is a parabolic slider?1m 22s
  • Building the slider1m 41s
  • Setting focus1m 4s
  • Adjusting the speed of movement2m 13s
  • Evaluating the results5m 13s
  • How can I attach a camera in unusual places?46s
  • Mounting to poles2m 32s
  • Mounting to poles for heavy duty mounting4m 13s
  • Mounting to the ceiling and doors1m 58s
  • Mounting with magnets1m 43s
  • Mounting with clamps2m 55s
  • Gear overview4m 2s
  • What is a micro tripod?1m 29s
  • Mounting a phone to a micro tripod2m 15s
  • Mounting a GoPro to a micro tripod2m 1s
  • Mounting a DSLR to a micro tripod1m 54s
  • What are camera rails?1m 26s
  • Adapting a tripod to hold multiple cameras3m 13s
  • Shooting strategies2m 2s
  • Using a micro rail2m 51s
  • Evaluating the shots3m 6s
  • Remotely controlling cameras1m 5s
  • Setting up the CamRanger4m 18s
  • Panning with the CamRanger PT Hub3m 32s
  • What is a tripod top slider?1m 7s
  • Attaching the slider2m 17s
  • Mounting and balancing the camera1m 36s
  • Shoot strategies5m 7s
  • Evaluating the footage3m 2s
  • Keeping your Gear Safe46s
  • Keeping gear dry3m
  • Using camera wraps1m 11s
  • Using lens wraps2m
  • Using a portable backdrop1m 11s
  • Using a pop-up system2m 36s
  • Using a Flexfill2m 54s
  • Getting high camera angles1m 13s
  • What is a jib?2m 45s
  • Building a jib and when to use it8m 16s
  • Flying a GoPro HERO4 with a quadcopter5m 53s
  • Why use a shoulder rig?2m 11s
  • Using rigs by Redrock Micro5m 21s
  • Using rigs by ikan5m 52s
  • Using rigs by Zacuto8m 18s
  • Final thoughts on choosing a rig6m 32s
  • When to use a slider3m 29s
  • Choosing sliders and rails8m 56s
  • Attaching a motor to your slider4m 15s
  • Using the eMotimo TB3 to control your camera4m 2s
  • Powering the eMotimo TB34m 43s
  • Operating the eMotimo TB3 during a time-lapse shoot8m 24s
  • Final thoughts on using sliders for motion2m 23s
  • What is motion control?2m 31s
  • Shooting turntable shots with the eMotimo TB39m 15s
  • Final advice on using a motion control assembly1m 58s
  • Using a gimbal59s
  • Advantages of a gimbal2m 25s
  • Using a monitor1m 28s
  • Controlling the camera1m 25s
  • Shooting in and around a moving car48s
  • Preparing the car for shooting4m 19s
  • Increasing the available light in the car3m 28s
  • Mounting a camera to the rearview mirror1m 20s
  • Toss to next week4m 3s
  • Mounting camera to windows1m 52s
  • Mounting cameras to the dashboard3m 20s
  • Mounting cameras to the outside of a car4m 43s
  • How can I get a low angle shot?26s
  • Cradling the camera2m 10s
  • Using a micro tripod2m 6s
  • Using a mini tripod2m 45s
  • Using a low profile tripod2m 33s

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