Video for Photographers: 2 Filmmaking on Location

Video for Photographers: 2 Filmmaking on Location

Video for Photographers: 2 Filmmaking on Location is an Intermediate level study on Photography, written by an expert, Eduardo Angel. This study is an essential base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Shooting Video, Photography and Video.

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Author Eduardo Angel
Publish Date 8/21/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 28m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 24
Last Update N/A

If you are transitioning from still photography to video, you already have a substantial set of skills. But it helps to see techniques unique to filmmaking, like camera movement, continuous lighting, and recording sound, in action.

Join Emmy-winning filmmaker Eduardo Angel on set at a beautiful winery in Oregon, where he captures stills, video, and sound for a promotional clip. Witness all the steps, from concept to delivery, from the perspective of a two-man crew, traveling light and working with a limited budget—a situation most shooters encounter nowadays.

Eduardo covers topics such as location scouting, working with available light, and getting great interviews. He also shows his favorite gear and even shares tips on packing!

Make sure to watch Video for Photographers 01: Filmmaking Essentials to brush up on the key technical concepts.

Topics include:

  • Establishing the best time of day to shoot
  • Selecting and packing equipment
  • Getting the right coverage
  • Working with natural and artificial light
  • Recording soundscapes
  • Backing up your footage
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom
  • Delivering the final video to your clients

Video for Photographers: 2 Filmmaking on Location : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 18s
  • Writing/visual storytelling5m 43s
  • Budget, crew, and gear59s
  • Equipment list12m 26s
  • Location scouting5m 47s
  • Establishing and exterior shots8m 58s
  • Getting coverage3m 42s
  • Moving the camera2m 22s
  • Working with natural light3m 22s
  • Working with artificial light4m 31s
  • Working with mixed light4m 13s
  • Recording audio6m 54s
  • Getting good interviews3m 17s
  • Introducing video post-production1m 47s
  • Backing up on the set and in the studio5m 54s
  • Using ShotPut Pro to backup1m 42s
  • Deconstructing the editing process3m 23s
  • Adobe Premiere Pro super basic workflow3m 34s
  • From Lightroom to Premiere Pro3m 56s
  • Delivering the final video54s
  • Next steps32s
  • BONUS: Check out the final video3m 27s

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