Video for Photographers: 1 Filmmaking Essentials

Video for Photographers: 1 Filmmaking Essentials

Video for Photographers: 1 Filmmaking Essentials is an Intermediate level study on Photography, crafted by the creator, Eduardo Angel. This study is a critical base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Shooting Video, Photography and Video.

Free Download - Video for Photographers: 1 Filmmaking Essentials
Author Eduardo Angel
Publish Date 6/26/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 37m 48s
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 22
Last Update N/A

With most current digital cameras and a little training, photographers can start shooting video, quickly expanding their creative options and the range of services they can offer to their clients.

In this course, Emmy-winning filmmaker Eduardo Angel helps bridge the gap between photography and film—between still pictures and moving images—by showing what it takes to transition to video. The course covers the most essential video production techniques, from framing and lighting for continuous shots to directing the viewer’s attention and incorporating camera movement and sound—Eduardo even provides a brief overview of his post-production workflow. By following along with Eduardo and his team, you’ll understand why these concepts are so important and start applying them to your video and hybrid projects right away.

Look for the follow-up course, Video for Photographers 02: Filmmaking On Location, where Eduardo shows how these lessons apply to a real-world shoot. Coming soon to the library!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the 5 Cs of cinematography
  • Choosing the right camera
  • Framing for continuous shots
  • Lighting techniques
  • Using camera movement to enhance your story
  • Leading the senses with sound
  • Working with different microphones
  • Editing and post-production considerations

Video for Photographers: 1 Filmmaking Essentials : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 18s
  • Understanding the traditional steps in video productions2m 11s
  • Building the visual story48s
  • Choosing a camera47s
  • The Five C's of Cinematography5m 32s
  • Framing for continuous shots1m 9s
  • Manual focus1m 56s
  • The camera is the viewer's eyes2m 8s
  • Natural vs. artificial lighting2m 12s
  • Directing the viewer's attention59s
  • Using camera movement to enhance your story1m 30s
  • Tripods and monopods are your friends2m 13s
  • The ear, not the eye, leads the senses1m 25s
  • Techniques and types and microphones2m 28s
  • External recorders1m 38s
  • Editing1m 36s
  • Sound and music3m 48s
  • Color1m 41s
  • Cooking and filmmaking1m 20s
  • Additional resources1m 9s

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