VFX Keying: Master Course

VFX Keying: Master Course

VFX Keying: Master Course is an Intermediate level study on 3D + Animation, produced by an expert, Steve Wright. This study is an important foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation talent. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Keying, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Nuke, 3D + Animation, Keying, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Nuke.

Free Download - VFX Keying: Master Course
Author Steve Wright
Publish Date 10/3/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 11h 58m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 94
Last Update N/A

Blue-screen and green-screen keying is the bread and butter of visual effects compositing. Every VFX artist must master this complex subject to succeed in the industry. This course offers 12 hours of the most comprehensive and detailed training ever produced on the subject of keying, covering literally every aspect of the job. You can follow along with NUKE, the software featured in the videos, or with any other compositing software that offers floating-point math. NUKE master trainer Steve Wright introduces several overall compositing workflows, as well as a myriad of tips and tricks and several keying techniques never before published. Learn about green-screen, blue-screen, luma, and saturation keys; spill suppression; color correction; edge refinement; and more. Plus, get a bonus appendix chapter of tutorials on keyers such as KEYLIGHT, Primatte, Ultimatte, and others.

Note: This course was created by Steve Wright, author of the seminal book, Digital Compositing for Film and Video. We are proud to host this course in our library.

Topics include:

  • Creating an uber key
  • Keying green-screen vs. blue-screen footage
  • Preprocessing footage
  • Building a clean plate
  • Making luma keys
  • Keying on hue and saturation
  • Pasting keys together
  • Grain management
  • Saving time with garbage mattes
  • Using spill suppression
  • Improving edges
  • Color correcting keys
  • Sweetening the comp
  • Alternative compositing workflows
  • Fixing edge problems
  • Using KEYLIGHT, Primatte, Ultimatte, and other tools

VFX Keying: Master Course : Video Lessons

  • Welcome3m 57s
  • Exercise files1m 19s
  • A look at different keying workflows6m 43s
  • Creating an uber key2m 58s
  • The nature of grain and noise3m 57s
  • Green-screen vs. blue-screen keying5m 50s
  • Which keyer is best?7m 15s
  • Step 1: Analyze the clip13m 34s
  • How to manage grain and noise5m 14s
  • Pre-processing the clip for the keyer12m 2s
  • Screen-correction workflow11m 45s
  • Tips on adjusting the IBKColor node12m 19s
  • How the IBKColor assist works6m 24s
  • Building a clean plate from a clip8m 3s
  • Building a clean plate without an IBK node4m 20s
  • Working with a real clean plate4m 53s
  • Retaining shadows with screen corrections11m 45s
  • Stack IBKColor nodes for cleaner clean plates5m 30s
  • Good (and bad) tracking markers7m 32s
  • Tracking marker removal techniques12m 39s
  • Removing tracking markers with screen correction5m 19s
  • Unleashing the power of your luma keys12m 52s
  • How to make even more powerful luma keys14m 5s
  • Keying on hue9m 34s
  • Keying on saturation6m 6s
  • Discovering NUKE's hidden chroma keyer11m 24s
  • Keying with just one channel14m 7s
  • How to create a color difference key9m 30s
  • How to create a texture key7m 34s
  • How to cut and paste keys together3m 48s
  • Which math operation to use and when5m 12s
  • Assisting the keyer with additional keys7m 8s
  • Using garbage mattes to save time10m 24s
  • Creating core mattes for solid keys12m 43s
  • What is spill?4m 15s
  • How spill suppression works5m 33s
  • Spill suppression with the Hue Correct node8m 48s
  • Spill suppression with gizmos10m 30s
  • How to prevent despill artifacts4m 18s
  • How to fix despill artifacts4m 26s
  • Adjusting the spill luminance and color6m 2s
  • Steve Wright's adaptive despill9m 35s
  • The classic Premultiply > Merge over2m 18s
  • Improving edges with an AddMix comp7m 4s
  • How to do a soft comp/hard comp7m 19s
  • The processed foreground technique8m 53s
  • Adding edge detail with an additive keyer9m 4s
  • Effects of color correction on pixels and pictures10m 19s
  • The Grade node vs. the ColorCorrect node6m 29s
  • Premultiply and unpremultiply6m 29s
  • How to match grade two clips4m 15s
  • Color match keyed layers workflow8m 53s
  • Compositing keyer outputs3m 54s
  • The basic uber key composite7m 43s
  • Soft key/hard key with luminance adjusted despill6m 51s
  • Uber key with split soft key and split despill4m 56s
  • Uber key with the additive keyer9m 41s
  • Screen correction with adaptive despill7m 56s
  • Screen correction with a processed background11m 1s
  • How to apply light wrap to your comp5m 46s
  • When to use edge blending5m 18s
  • Adding interactive lighting3m 59s
  • Animating the interactive lighting11m 54s
  • Easy ways to synthesize shadows8m 27s
  • How to QA your comp6m 34s
  • Sculpting your key edges9m 6s
  • Recoloring the RGB edges7m 6s
  • Replacing discolored edges: Theory4m 16s
  • Replacing discolored edges: Practice6m 36s
  • How to add more hair detail11m 15s
  • The special case of keying blond hair7m 14s
  • Keying for more semitransparency5m 30s
  • Techniques for better motion blur7m 23s
  • How to retain all of the depth of field7m 2s
  • Special keying techniques for smoke11m 3s
  • Extra special keying techniques for fire8m 41s
  • How to key a cloud out of the sky14m 53s
  • Keying reflections off of glass techniques7m 10s
  • How to cope with bad video12m 3s
  • About the Keyer Tutorials appendix1m 11s
  • KEYLIGHT: Setting up a basic composite10m 12s
  • KEYLIGHT: Masking, fine-tuning, and spill suppression9m 22s
  • KEYLIGHT: Viewing status and multipass keying7m 50s
  • Primatte: Basic keying and spill suppression9m 31s
  • Primatte: Matte refinement and edge detail7m 31s
  • Primatte: Auto-Compute and advanced spill suppression8m 14s
  • Primatte: New features in Primatte V5m 55s
  • IBK keyer: Keying and compositing25m 39s
  • Ultimatte: Basic setup3m 24s
  • Ultimatte: Overall workflow5m 19s
  • Ultimatte: Matte tools and shadows4m 16s
  • Ultimatte: Spill suppression4m 11s

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