Version Control for Everyone (2015)

Version Control for Everyone (2015)

Version Control for Everyone (2015) is an Beginner level tutorial on Developer, created by the creator, Joe Chellman. This tutorial is an essential pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Developer talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Web, Web Design, Web Development, Web Foundations, Developer, Web, Web Design, Web Development and Web Foundations.

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Author Joe Chellman
Publish Date 6/5/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 6m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 29
Last Update N/A

Think version control is just for programmers? Think again. While version control tools are typically targeted at developers, anyone who works on a computer can benefit from them. Version control is the ultimate safety net, and an ongoing journal of your work. This course aims to empower designers, writers, photographers, teachers, and, yes, developers with the knowledge to integrate version control into their workflows. Author Joe Chellman dispels myths about version control and demos a simple version control project featuring not code, but a screenplay. He reviews examples of work that’s well suited to version control—graphic design, web design, lesson planning, and even WordPress theme development—and show what’s possible when you begin sharing and collaborating with version control tools like GitHub and Bitbucket.

Topics include:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of version control
  • Installing SourceTree
  • Writing in small and big chunks
  • Committing changes
  • Revisiting previous revisions
  • Creating and merging branches
  • Using version control with Word, Photoshop, Macaw, and WordPress
  • Sharing version control projects

Version Control for Everyone (2015) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome50s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 16s
  • Using the exercise files14s
  • Understanding platform differences1m 32s
  • Dispelling myths and misconceptions2m 49s
  • Exploring alternatives to version control3m 21s
  • Weighing pros and cons1m 51s
  • Introducing essential terminology2m 26s
  • Installing SourceTree3m 58s
  • Initializing a project4m 37s
  • Writing and committing in small pieces6m 12s
  • Writing in big chunks, and committing later5m 32s
  • Revisiting previous revisions6m 3s
  • Experimenting with branches5m 56s
  • Stashing changes that aren't yet ready5m 23s
  • Merging when experiments are done7m 36s
  • Writing with Microsoft Word4m 50s
  • Designing with Photoshop8m 36s
  • Website prototyping with Macaw7m 57s
  • Preparing presentations and lessons7m 55s
  • Developing a WordPress theme3m 16s
  • Using GitHub to share publicly9m 1s
  • Sharing a project privately with Bitbucket3m 36s
  • Sending a set of changes with a patch5m 7s
  • Setting up your own private repository5m 6s
  • Walking through a basic sharing workflow6m 39s
  • Exploring other aspects of version control3m 38s
  • Next steps1m 26s

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