UXPin for UX Design

UXPin for UX Design

UXPin for UX Design is an Intermediate level study on CAD, written by the creator, Tom Green. This study is an essential base for a person who needs to excel in his/her CAD talent. It provides you a thorough grip on CAD, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Wireframing, UXPin, CAD, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Wireframing and UXPin.

Free Download - UXPin for UX Design
Author Tom Green
Publish Date 1/30/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 28m
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 50
Last Update N/A

Explore UXPin, the collaborative product design tool that allows you to create and present wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Instructor Tom Green starts with a review of how to set up UXPin, then shows how to import existing artwork and start to create wireframes. See how to add interactivity and motion to prototypes to simulate real-world app experience, and how to share prototypes and documentation with a team and workgroup.

Topics include:

  • Getting started with UXPin
  • Creating artwork
  • Creating a low-fidelity wireframe
  • Building a high-fidelity prototype
  • Adding interactivity and motion
  • Practical UXPin projects
  • Sharing a prototype

UXPin for UX Design : Video Lessons

  • UXPin for UX design1m 16s
  • Exercise files46s
  • What you should know1m 37s
  • UXPin Dashboard3m 53s
  • UX documents3m 57s
  • Review of the UXPin interface6m 38s
  • Using the view options3m 22s
  • Create a new document7m 59s
  • Using the library5m 45s
  • Creating and using components4m
  • Fonts and the UXPin text element4m 39s
  • Adding layers4m 54s
  • Using the UXPin Smart Grid4m
  • Import video3m
  • Previewing a project3m 38s
  • Create user flow diagrams4m 36s
  • Adding device screens5m 49s
  • Create a content wireframe3m 32s
  • Create a low-fidelity wireframe3m 28s
  • Adding pages3m 59s
  • Adding screen transitions4m 28s
  • Create assets in Photoshop4m 23s
  • Create assets in Sketch2m 51s
  • Using the Pen tool4m 51s
  • Importing artwork6m
  • Working with color4m 41s
  • Creating imaging effects5m 29s
  • Editing a design system4m 44s
  • Adding content6m 17s
  • Creating a component3m 31s
  • Using states3m 36s
  • Adding scrolling2m 24s
  • A component teacher trick2m 23s
  • Adding interactions6m 22s
  • Create hot spots3m 5s
  • Using multistate elements4m 20s
  • Using data in UXPin3m 32s
  • Adding animations4m 48s
  • Animating state changes3m 17s
  • Create an accordion menu6m 9s
  • Create a navigation drawer5m 6s
  • Create a pop down menu4m 2s
  • Create navigation using UXPin elements5m 55s
  • Design a carousel5m 56s
  • Add interactivity to a carousel5m 27s
  • Style elements with custom CSS1m 46s
  • Using the share menu2m 46s
  • Export color and type styles to JSON2m 50s
  • Exporting your project3m 5s
  • Next steps3m 56s

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