UX Foundations: Interaction Design

UX Foundations: Interaction Design

UX Foundations: Interaction Design is an Intermediate level study on Web, crafted by an expert, David Hogue. This study is a critical step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Web skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Interaction Design, Web, User Experience, Interaction Design, Web and User Experience.

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Author David Hogue
Publish Date 5/31/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 33m
Topic Interaction Design
Video Tutorials 56
Last Update N/A

Engaging, easy-to-use products don’t appear fully formed in the minds of designers and product teams: they’re the result of careful consideration, exploration, and study. Interaction designers are crucial players in the product design process, because they observe human behavior and use what they’ve learned to craft products that meet people’s specific needs. In this course, join instructor David Hogue as he steps through the foundational processes and techniques required for interaction design. David begins by taking a look at key psychology concepts and how they can help us better understand how our people think, feel, and behave. He then takes a deeper dive into the methods and processes used by interaction designers to create considerate, engaging, and valuable products. Learn about the dimensions of interaction design, design thinking, design patterns, usability and accessibility, and more.

Topics include:

  • What is interaction design?
  • Learning behaviors
  • Theories of emotion
  • Designing for delight
  • Classical and operant conditioning
  • Using learned behavior
  • Interface design principles
  • Design thinking
  • Defining microinteractions
  • Error handling
  • Usability and accessibility

UX Foundations: Interaction Design : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 38s
  • What is interaction design?1m 35s
  • Project types and deliverables2m 12s
  • Technical and software skills2m 8s
  • Related disciplines and fields of study1m 54s
  • Resources and communities1m 46s
  • Why psychology?4m 32s
  • Introducing the interaction design model2m 27s
  • Context4m 44s
  • Goals4m 35s
  • Sensation7m 56s
  • Perception2m 31s
  • Gestalt principles3m 16s
  • Affordances5m 4s
  • Motivation6m 59s
  • Attention and memory8m 27s
  • Reasoning and logic5m 16s
  • Mental models3m 57s
  • Cognitive load5m 19s
  • Theories of emotion2m 59s
  • Designing for delight4m 16s
  • Empathy1m 42s
  • Learning behaviors2m 19s
  • Classical conditioning2m 10s
  • Operant conditioning5m 28s
  • Social learning theory3m 21s
  • Using learned behavior2m 46s
  • Overview of the IxD model58s
  • Perceive4m 51s
  • Predict3m 36s
  • Feedback6m 13s
  • Learn7m 32s
  • Remember6m 44s
  • Dimensions of interaction design1m 37s
  • Design thinking3m 8s
  • Levels of design: Structure4m 43s
  • Levels of design: Flow4m 54s
  • Levels of design: Interface1m 59s
  • Design patterns2m 31s
  • Anti-patterns2m 28s
  • Dark patterns3m 44s
  • Navigation structure2m 1s
  • Navigation systems6m
  • Content8m 43s
  • Inputs6m 24s
  • Gestures3m 47s
  • Voice3m 34s
  • Sensors1m 10s
  • Defining microinteractions3m 16s
  • Microinteractions: Motion3m 15s
  • Microinteractions: Sound3m 53s
  • Microinteractions: Haptics4m 34s
  • Error handling2m 43s
  • Mistakes1m 59s
  • Usability and accessibility5m
  • Next steps1m 24s

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