Using iPhoto and Aperture Together

Using iPhoto and Aperture Together

Using iPhoto and Aperture Together is an Intermediate level study on Photography, produced by the author, Derrick Story. This study is an important base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Photo Management, Photography, Printing Photos, Sharing Photos, Aperture, iPhoto, Photo Management, Photography, Printing Photos, Sharing Photos, Aperture and iPhoto.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 3/20/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 37m
Topic Aperture
Video Tutorials 56
Last Update N/A

Choosing between power and simplicity isn’t an either-or proposition. The latest versions of iPhoto and Aperture now share a common photo library format, which means you can store all your photos in one central library, and then switch between the two apps as needed: use iPhoto for its simplicity and great sharing options, and Aperture for its powerful organization, image editing, and publishing features.

In this course, photographer, author, and teacher Derrick Story shows key strategies for employing both iPhoto and Aperture in a digital photography workflow. The course begins with a look at the unified photo library format and managing your library with both applications.

Next, the course examines the professional-level image editing features in Aperture and details strategies for sharing photos through slideshows and print projects, guiding you to the best application for the job at hand. It concludes with lessons on exporting photos using Aperture, managing an iCloud Photo Stream, and backing up your library.

Topics include:

  • Sharing libraries
  • Importing and exporting photos
  • Organizing your library
  • Editing images
  • Building slideshows
  • Creating prints, cards, books, and calendars
  • Archiving and back up your library

Using iPhoto and Aperture Together : Video Lessons

  • Welcome50s
  • How to take this course32s
  • Using the exercise files39s
  • Sharing libraries1m 45s
  • Creating a new library and determining its location4m 2s
  • Specifying which application opens the library by default3m 22s
  • Moving and renaming the library2m 16s
  • Managing multiple libraries4m 39s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture importing tools1m 28s
  • Simplified importing with iPhoto2m 8s
  • Advanced importing with Aperture5m 55s
  • Importing into iPhoto libraries with Aperture3m 47s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture library organization5m 13s
  • Exploring the iPhoto Library pane3m 3s
  • Reviewing the Aperture Library Inspector3m 22s
  • Hiding photos in one app so they don't appear in the other3m 33s
  • Understanding how Smart Albums behave differently in iPhoto and Aperture1m 29s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture editing tools2m 49s
  • The five-step image edit in iPhoto4m 34s
  • The seven-step image edit in Aperture7m 36s
  • Choosing the right app for sharpening1m 40s
  • Converting to black and white in iPhoto and Aperture3m 19s
  • Applying effects in iPhoto and Aperture3m 36s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture slideshow tools3m 18s
  • Choosing iPhoto for quick slideshow authoring2m 54s
  • Choosing Aperture for advanced slideshow authoring3m 9s
  • Enhancing an existing iPhoto slideshow with Aperture tools1m 28s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture for exporting slideshows2m 53s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture exporting tools2m 33s
  • Using iPhoto for simple file export2m 34s
  • Using Aperture for advanced file export3m 10s
  • Cleaning up your iPhoto library in Aperture3m 3s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture sharing tools2m 8s
  • Integrating Photo Stream into your photo workflow2m 6s
  • Deciding which application manages your Photo Stream2m 23s
  • Using Photo Stream as part of an archiving strategy2m 7s
  • Sharing your images with others using Photo Stream2m 49s
  • Sharing images on Facebook with iPhoto and Aperture2m 40s
  • Publishing images to Flickr with iPhoto and Aperture3m 12s
  • Emailing photos with iPhoto and Aperture2m 39s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture printing tools2m 4s
  • Creating letterpress, folded, and flat cards in iPhoto4m 15s
  • Using iPhoto for simple book authoring4m 32s
  • Using Aperture for advanced book authoring5m 52s
  • Creating a calendar in iPhoto2m 48s
  • Ordering prints in iPhoto and Aperture1m 20s
  • Making an inkjet print in iPhoto3m 49s
  • Making a basic print in Aperture3m 47s
  • Making a custom print in Aperture2m 54s
  • Comparing iPhoto and Aperture archiving tools1m 15s
  • Options for backing up your iPhoto library1m 46s
  • Options for backing up your Aperture library3m 1s
  • Using Aperture to back up your iPhoto library2m 3s
  • Next steps51s

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