Underwater Photography: Wide Angle

Underwater Photography: Wide Angle

Underwater Photography: Wide Angle is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, written by the creator, Deke McClelland. This tutorial is an essential pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, Photography, Raw Processing and Lightroom.

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Author Deke McClelland
Publish Date 11/14/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 41m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Forget landscape photography—it’s time to try shooting seascapes. Wide-angle underwater photography enables you to capture the broad vistas of undersea life. In this course, Deke McClelland and master diver and professional underwater photographer Hergen Spalink take you below the surface to explore the creative options, gear, and techniques behind wide-angle underwater photography. Learn how to adjust strobe strength, aperture, and ISO with in-camera histograms; capture blended and contrasted images; expertly light underwater scenes; and distinguish your photos from the rest of the pack by capturing sunballs, rays of light, and over–unders. Plus, get an introduction to close-focus wide-angle techniques for producing even more attention-grabbing compositions.

Topics include:

  • Wide-angle optics
  • Blending and contrasting exposure
  • Controlling exposure with aperture
  • Lighting underwater
  • Shooting on walls and slopes
  • Composing underwater shots
  • Capturing rays of sunlight
  • Going in for close focus
  • Post-processing in Lightroom

Underwater Photography: Wide Angle : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 32s
  • Wide-angle underwater7m 46s
  • Wide-angle optics7m 39s
  • Wide-angle etiquette3m 18s
  • In-camera histograms9m 26s
  • Strobes and the red channel3m 50s
  • Shutter speed and the blue channel3m 37s
  • Aperture and the RGB channels5m 47s
  • Blending or contrasting the exposure7m 31s
  • ISO and the RGB channels4m 45s
  • Strobe distance rule3m 22s
  • Getting closer3m 11s
  • Avoiding backscatter3m 2s
  • Feathering the light2m 35s
  • Lighting from above4m 53s
  • Lighting a vertical shot3m 5s
  • Shooting on a wall3m 55s
  • Shooting on a slope2m 34s
  • Shooting with a single strobe4m 18s
  • Using a strobe diffuser2m 42s
  • White balance for strobes8m 22s
  • Bull's-eye or center frame2m 49s
  • The golden spiral4m 36s
  • The golden ratio6m 12s
  • Advanced wide angle2m 30s
  • Exposing the sun6m 9s
  • Shooting sunballs3m 1s
  • Capturing rays of sunlight2m 39s
  • Shooting over-unders7m 53s
  • Close-focus wide angle5m 14s
  • Setting up your Lightroom workspaces3m 21s
  • Exposure and contrast in an underwater photo4m 10s
  • White balance and color in an underwater photo6m 8s
  • Advanced tools for developing underwater photos8m 8s
  • Next steps53s

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