Typography: Type in Motion

Typography: Type in Motion

Typography: Type in Motion is an Intermediate level study on Design, written by the creator, Ina Saltz. This study is an essential base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Design expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Design, Motion Graphics, Interaction Design, Video, Web, Typography, Design, Motion Graphics, Interaction Design, Video, Web and Typography.

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Author Ina Saltz
Publish Date 2/19/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 41m 35s
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 19
Last Update N/A

Learn how and why to make specific aesthetic choices about motion typography in a course designed to benefit both beginning and experienced motion graphic artists. Instructor Ina Saltz leverages visually rich examples to demonstrate clear, compelling storytelling that uses type in motion, and offers ways to clarify the planning process and strengthen creativity. Discover how to choose the most effective typefaces and learn about animation approaches for type on screens of all sizes, from mobile to movie. Ina explains how special typographic effects can enhance or distract from a message, and shares best practices for type-based projects in different media.

Topics include:

  • Presentations and projections
  • Film titles
  • Style, size, weight, width, contrast
  • Typographic personality vs. neutrality
  • Audio and typography
  • Special effects
  • Expressive typography

Typography: Type in Motion : Video Lessons

  • Energize your typography by adding motion2m 7s
  • What you should know2m 42s
  • The elastic screen size2m 53s
  • Designing for the middle2m 35s
  • Interactive versus passive2m 23s
  • Typographic personality and expressiveness2m 57s
  • Size, weight, and width3m 3s
  • Color and complexity2m 40s
  • Foreground to background contrast2m 18s
  • Entering the screen, exiting the screen3m 9s
  • Animation qualities2m 57s
  • Transparency and fading2m 38s
  • Dwell time2m 55s
  • When it is called for2m 36s
  • Type in motion...or not?2m 10s
  • Next steps1m 32s

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