Travel Photography: The Family Cabin

Travel Photography: The Family Cabin

Travel Photography: The Family Cabin is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, crafted by the author, Ben Long. This tutorial is a critical base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Portraits, Cameras + Gear, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 3/14/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 56m 45s
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 13
Last Update N/A

Do you and your family have a favorite travel destination that you’ve always gone to for rest and relaxation? Or did you grow up with fond memories of family getaways like these? Maybe you’re starting the tradition with your own kids. These places become touchstones in our lives, filled with memories and impressions that grow and change as the years go by.

There are several layers to photographing trips to memorable destinations: you want to capture accurate depictions of the place and its surroundings, but you also want your photos to convey the notions of tradition and the passing of time. In this course, author and photographer Ben Long visits his family’s New Mexico cabin. He shows how to create photos that not only capture the essence of the place and its surroundings, but also convey its significance as the backdrop for shared family experiences and traditions. Along the way, he shows how to recreate old photos to capture what has changed, shoot details that haven’t been documented before, and explore the surrounding area, to capture the full essence of the place.

Travel Photography: The Family Cabin : Video Lessons

  • Introduction1m 52s
  • Roadmap2m 17s
  • Photographing the family at the cabin2m 51s
  • Documenting the interior space of the family cabin4m 6s
  • Shooting the area surrounding the cabin3m 10s
  • The quality of light in New Mexico2m 15s
  • Looking at old photos as a starting place3m 27s
  • Reproducing an overall exterior shot of the cabin8m 44s
  • Documenting passage of time in a photo7m 13s
  • Recreating a third image to document changes in the surroundings8m 12s
  • Photographing objects and locations that trigger a memory3m 43s
  • Doing some post work on the old photos6m 7s
  • Wrapping up2m 48s

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