Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes

Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes

Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, created by the author, Ben Long. This tutorial is an important pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Black and White, Photography, Cameras + Gear, Black and White and Photography.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 5/9/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 27m
Topic Black and White
Video Tutorials 23
Last Update N/A

Snow-covered landscapes introduce a variety of photographic opportunities and challenges. A blanket of brilliant white can do beautiful things with light, but it also complicates exposure. Crystal-blue winter skies are dramatic, but shooting in the cold can be cumbersome and hard on your gear.

In this course, photographer, author, and educator Ben Long takes a trip to Lake Tahoe to explore winter shooting at various times of the day. He also shows techniques for post-processing winter scenes to make them look their best.

Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes : Video Lessons

  • Intro to winter landscapes1m 14s
  • Preshoot white balance and metering3m 29s
  • Shooting in snowy conditions on the first day3m 25s
  • Getting the first shots in a snowy environment2m 55s
  • Exploring gear for shooting in snow6m 6s
  • Adjusting exposure and white balance for accurate snow7m 47s
  • Reviewing the first snowy shoot images10m 14s
  • Shooting a panorama at a lake5m 2s
  • Knowing how to configure your camera buttons2m 47s
  • Editing the contrast and color for a snowy lakeside shot5m
  • Reviewing the images of the lakeside landscape12m 47s
  • Shooting the sunlight in a forest location in winter9m 21s
  • Shooting a vertical panorama of trees6m 50s
  • Stitching and editing the vertical panorama of trees14m 34s
  • Reviewing images from the forest and park locations14m 24s
  • Previsualizing and shooting with crop in mind4m 40s
  • Understanding how to shoot in the snow2m 58s
  • Understanding camera position and depth in a winter landscape shot4m 3s
  • Varying focal lengths and lenses2m 3s
  • Taking care not to interfere with your own shots1m 10s
  • Evaluating the shoot14m 34s
  • Reviewing the final images from the trip10m 8s
  • Slideshow of images from the shoot2m

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