Travel Photography: Fjords of New Zealand

Travel Photography: Fjords of New Zealand

Travel Photography: Fjords of New Zealand is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by the creator, Justin Reznick. This course is an absolute step for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Photography and Raw Processing.

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Author Justin Reznick
Publish Date 6/2/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 40m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update N/A

Many of the world’s great coastlines have fjords: long, narrow inlets set among sheer cliffs. In this course, landscape photographer Justin Reznick takes us to New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park and shows the tools and techniques he uses to capture these dramatic environments, from beaches to waterfalls, and from the top of Mitre Peak to the surface of Mitre Sound. Follow along and find out how Justin prepares for the shoot and what techniques he uses to capture his best shots.

Topics include:

  • Essential gear, from tripods to lenses
  • Shooting at water’s edge at low tide
  • Shooting handheld from a moving boat
  • Capturing details
  • Post-processing techniques

Travel Photography: Fjords of New Zealand : Video Lessons

  • Welcome to the fjords1m 1s
  • Reviewing the gear used on the fjord shoot3m 27s
  • Setting up the first shots of the fjords7m 49s
  • Shooting the details at low tide in the fjords7m 4s
  • Post-processing work on a fjord photo22m 21s
  • Introducing how to shoot from a boat1m 17s
  • Shooting a waterfall from a boat5m 39s
  • Shooting a wide-angle shot from a boat in the fjords1m 5s
  • Shooting a waterfall from a boat without a tripod1m 56s
  • Documenting the fur seals in Milford Sound1m 47s
  • Shooting a waterfall up close on a boat3m 26s
  • Wrapping up the boat shoot with a wide angle of Mitre Peak1m 44s
  • Post-processing a waterfall shot from the boat trip6m 13s
  • Post-processing on a panorama shot from a boat3m 25s
  • Shooting foam on the water using 10-stop ND filter8m 17s
  • Working the shot with the 10-stop ND filter on water1m 36s
  • Shooting a misty mountain scene in the fjords2m 29s
  • Isolating a tree in a lush landscape shot5m 12s
  • Post-processing on the foamy water photo7m 5s
  • Post-processing on the isolated tree shot5m 28s
  • Reviewing the final selects from the fjord shoot2m 19s

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