Travel Photography: Costa Rica

Travel Photography: Costa Rica

Travel Photography: Costa Rica is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, crafted by the author, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is an absolute step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Cameras + Gear and Photography.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 4/21/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 54m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 56
Last Update N/A

Join Rich Harrington and family on a trip to Costa Rica and see a variety of ways to capture the beauty and diversity of a tropic destination. This unique course introduces you to the culture, countryside, and wildlife of Costa Rica, but also shows how to shoot photographs and video in challenging situations travel photographers face in many places.

Rich organizes the lessons by location and activity, so you can dive right into
the type of photography that interests you: nature, landscape, macro, underwater, street, or architecture. First he covers packing and planning for a trip to Costa Rica. Then he visits five uniquely beautiful locations, starting with the remote mountain town of Monteverde, where he gets “close up” to wildlife and takes a GoPro along on a zipline tour. At Manuel Antonio, he shows how to shoot at the beach—in and out of the water—and create awe-inspiring time lapses. In Arenal Rich enters the rainforest and shoots with local chocolate and coffee growers, and in Caño Negro, he takes a river-boat tour. The trip ends in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, which offers great opportunities for shooting street photography and architecture.

The course closes with some in-field workflow tips to keep your images safe, and some post-production techniques to develop your photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the geography of Costa Rica
  • Packing and planning
  • Photographing wildlife
  • Taking a GoPro on a zipline ride
  • Shooting at the beach and on the river
  • Visiting the rainforest
  • Enjoying local products: coffee, chocolate, and more
  • Managing your data in the field: storage cards and drives

Travel Photography: Costa Rica : Video Lessons

  • The geography of Costa Rica and what you need to plan for6m 20s
  • Essential items to pack for a trip to Central America7m 24s
  • Mixing photographic styles (travel, landscape, personal/family)3m 26s
  • Health and safety while traveling4m 36s
  • Packing for a trip to the mountains3m 52s
  • Advice when walking in a cloud forest4m 38s
  • Photographing hummingbirds4m 27s
  • Post-processing hummingbird photos11m 24s
  • Photographing insects and reptiles3m 36s
  • Post-processing insects and reptiles11m 26s
  • Photographing flowers in low-light (HDR single pass)2m 42s
  • Refining flower images - Part 18m 57s
  • Refining flower images - Part 25m 45s
  • Photographing the landscape in HDR3m 45s
  • Stitching together a panorama photograph8m 45s
  • Refining the panorama photo8m 7s
  • Packing for a zipline trip4m 55s
  • Safety first: the people3m 47s
  • Getting POV (point of view) shots2m 14s
  • Safety next: the gear6m 9s
  • Postprocessing GoPro shots7m 29s
  • Packing for the beach4m 23s
  • A visit to Manuel Antonio National Park3m 25s
  • Photographing mammals3m 7s
  • Taking photos of reptiles3m 48s
  • Photographing a spider web2m 19s
  • Touring the mangroves3m 28s
  • Shooting photos of the ocean and the beachfront2m 34s
  • Capturing a sunset time lapse2m
  • Creating the sunset time lapse8m 1s
  • Packing for Arenal6m 52s
  • Taking an impact photo of a waterfall1m 57s
  • Developing the waterfall9m 52s
  • Chocolate, coffee, and commerce2m 29s
  • Visiting a rainforest3m 23s
  • Extending the depth of field when shooting plants3m 36s
  • Assembling focus stacked images7m 27s
  • Capturing a time lapse of the volcano6m 58s
  • Packing for a river trip3m 46s
  • Making the most of downtime2m 8s
  • A convertible tripod2m 15s
  • Shooting with a long lens3m 7s
  • Packing smart for shooting in the city4m 37s
  • Photographing the architecture2m 34s
  • A visit to the market1m 58s
  • Touring a museum2m 35s
  • Raw vs. JPEG (an important decision)2m 3s
  • How much storage to bring3m 18s
  • Using multiple card wallets2m 26s
  • Mirroring to multiple drives2m 29s
  • The initial organization1m 39s
  • Closing slideshow25s

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