Transforming a Portrait Into a Painting in Photoshop

Transforming a Portrait Into a Painting in Photoshop

Transforming a Portrait Into a Painting in Photoshop is an Intermediate level tutorial on Design, compiled by an expert, John Derry. This tutorial is a critical step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Design talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Design, Digital Painting, Photography, Portraits, Painter, Photoshop, Design, Digital Painting, Photography, Portraits, Painter and Photoshop.

Free Download - Transforming a Portrait Into a Painting in Photoshop
Author John Derry
Publish Date 8/29/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 19m
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 46
Last Update N/A

Transform a portrait or family photo into a piece of art worthy of framing, in this digital painting tutorial with artist John Derry. John shares his library of custom brushstrokes and years of experience with you, and shows how to combine the powers of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to convert your snapshots into art. Learn to adjust the tone of the original image; paint skin, eyes, and hair; minimize the background; and add subtle vignetting. Plus, John shows you how to bundle and submit your image to online services that will print your painting on canvas.

These techniques work with subjects of any age or skin tone, and are perfect for memorializing moments a photo can’t quite do justice to.

Topics include:

  • Building the image nondestructively
  • Extending the edges of your image for gallery wraps
  • Removing distractions
  • Handling patterns
  • Making preliminary tonal adjustments
  • Blending skin
  • Adding lighting
  • Using vignetting to focus on the subjects

Transforming a Portrait Into a Painting in Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 29s
  • Using the exercise files35s
  • Installing custom content1m 45s
  • A short history of the portrait1m 42s
  • Tools of the trade: Software2m 38s
  • Tools of the trade: Hardware1m 17s
  • The Photoshop PSD format: Working in Photoshop and Painter6m 20s
  • Layer painting: Building up the image nondestructively3m 44s
  • Getting your artwork printed2m 57s
  • First step: Know your final output size5m 30s
  • Extending edges for gallery wraps8m 14s
  • Remove distractions5m 19s
  • Preliminary tonal adjustment10m 35s
  • Maximize the subjects via background adjustments7m 39s
  • Back-to-front progression3m 44s
  • The background is not the subject7m 3s
  • Limit clothing detail9m 9s
  • Handling patterns: Toning down selective detail10m 43s
  • Handling patterns: Restoring selective detail5m 46s
  • Jewelry is an extension of personality: More detail9m 4s
  • Skin: Practice how to blend5m 12s
  • Dealing with blemishes8m 54s
  • Hands have personality!8m 50s
  • An introduction to the face2m 8s
  • Painting a child's face9m 43s
  • Painting a child's eyelids and eyebrows2m 24s
  • Painting a child's lips2m 57s
  • Painting a woman's face8m 23s
  • Painting a woman's lips6m 19s
  • Painting a man's face9m 17s
  • Painting a man's mouth4m 58s
  • Painting a man's beard4m 1s
  • Painting a child's eyes10m 31s
  • Painting a child's eyes: Final touch-ups6m 26s
  • Painting a woman's eyes5m 42s
  • Painting a man's eyes1m 44s
  • Painting a child's hair9m 56s
  • Painting a woman's hair6m 51s
  • Detailing a woman's hair6m 49s
  • Painting a man's hair5m 10s
  • Final painting touch-ups: Background9m 1s
  • Final touch-ups: Subjects5m 21s
  • Using vignetting to focus on the subjects2m 56s
  • Adding lighting to the subjects' faces4m 23s
  • Final color and density adjustments5m 22s
  • Next steps32s

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