Time-Saving Tips Using Photoshop

Time-Saving Tips Using Photoshop

Time-Saving Tips Using Photoshop is an Intermediate level course on Design, created by an expert, Chad Chelius. This course is a critical step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Design expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Design, Page Layout, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Design, Page Layout, Photography and Photoshop.

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Author Chad Chelius
Publish Date 5/29/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 13m
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 45
Last Update N/A

Saving time on routine tasks in Adobe Photoshop CC means you have more time reserved for creativity. In this course, learn time-saving tips and tricks to speed up your Photoshop workflow. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Chelius shows how to invoke commands with keyboard shortcuts and build layer efficiencies. Learn how to customize Photoshop to suit your needs, work more efficiently using Photoshop tool shortcuts, quickly add a color adjustment, change type properties, use actions to speed up your workflow, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Customizing Photoshop
  • Zooming and panning techniques
  • Using Photoshop tool shortcuts
  • Selecting, moving, showing, and merging layers
  • Adjusting brush size
  • Transforming selections
  • Adding a color adjustment
  • Changing type properties
  • Working with Smart Objects

Time-Saving Tips Using Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Saving time with Photoshop1m 34s
  • Sending feedback?1m 58s
  • Changing interface settings4m 38s
  • Customizing Photoshop6m 40s
  • Leveraging workspaces3m 55s
  • Zooming techniques5m 8s
  • Panning techniques5m 4s
  • Essential Photoshop preferences7m 1s
  • Picking up colors4m 52s
  • Using Photoshop tool shortcuts4m 3s
  • Working with the foreground and background colors4m 49s
  • Undo shortcut4m 52s
  • Working with layers3m 19s
  • Selecting and moving layers2m 56s
  • Showing and hiding layers2m 57s
  • Merging layers4m 7s
  • Layer opacity and blending modes3m 37s
  • Simplifying the Layers panel3m 32s
  • Masking shortcuts5m 16s
  • Adjusting brush size and hardness5m 6s
  • Scrubby sliders2m 45s
  • Transforming selections6m 13s
  • Selection tool techniques4m 19s
  • Feathering selections6m 10s
  • Saving and loading selections4m 1s
  • Quick Mask mode4m 30s
  • Using the Quick Selection tool4m 25s
  • Adding a color adjustment3m 32s
  • Using Select and Mask6m 19s
  • The Blend If trick5m 25s
  • Creating type elements5m 43s
  • Previewing fonts4m 28s
  • Changing type properties4m 25s
  • Clipping images to text4m 11s
  • Working with Auto-Select4m 9s
  • Layer styles4m 40s
  • Resetting a dialog box2m 53s
  • Resetting a tool2m 35s
  • Removing a color cast5m 14s
  • Fill vs. Opacity2m 55s
  • Smart Objects6m 58s
  • Stacking layer styles2m 21s
  • Image Processor4m 20s
  • Creating Photoshop actions5m 24s
  • Next steps34s

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