The Persuasion Code: The Neuroscience of Sales

The Persuasion Code: The Neuroscience of Sales

The Persuasion Code: The Neuroscience of Sales is an Advanced level study on Business, crafted by an expert, Patrick Renvoise. This study is an absolute step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Patrick Renvoise
Publish Date 1/27/2020
Skill Advanced
Duration 48m 59s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 23
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Successful persuasion can seem like a matter of charisma, luck, or timing, but neuroscience reveals that there are reliable, successful approaches to persuasion that can be used by anyone. In this course, you’ll learn about the science behind persuasion, and explore how to develop more effective marketing and sales messages using the pain-claim-gain framework. Author Patrick Renvoise starts by explaining the dual nature of the human brain—rational and primal—and shares why most sales and marketing messages fail. He then reveals a step-by-step process to stimulate the primal brain of your audience. Patrick’s scientific approach to selling has helped many people become more effective at persuasion and close more sales.

Topics include:

  • Using neuroscience to understand selling
  • Understanding how our two-brain system works
  • The six primal brain stimuli
  • Your sales persuasion process
  • Maximizing your ability to persuade
  • Identifying the difference between a pain and a need
  • Creating claims and your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Examples of claims
  • Value propositions, proofs, and gain
  • Using cognitive biases to help you sell

The Persuasion Code: The Neuroscience of Sales : Video Lessons

  • Using neuroscience to understand selling1m 20s
  • Why traditional marketing doesn't work1m 43s
  • The primal brain vs. the rational brain3m 11s
  • Personal brain stimuli2m 6s
  • Contrastable brain stimuli1m 48s
  • Tangible brain stimuli1m 55s
  • Memorable brain stimuli2m 46s
  • Visual brain stimuli2m 17s
  • Emotional brain stimuli3m 2s
  • Are you selling or are you diagnosing pain?1m 45s
  • Diagnosing deeper1m 39s
  • An iceberg of decision-drivers3m 10s
  • What should your claims do?1m 26s
  • Making unique claims in a crowded market1m 47s
  • The book titled "Why Buy From Us"1m 51s
  • Using one claim and three subclaims3m 22s
  • Creating your TOP claims3m
  • The three types of value1m 31s
  • The four types of proof1m 42s
  • Examples of value statements1m 6s
  • Gain = value - cost2m 44s
  • Creating your gain demonstration2m 54s
  • Next steps54s

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