The Elements of Effective Photographs

The Elements of Effective Photographs

The Elements of Effective Photographs is an Beginner level study on Photography, crafted by the author, Natalie Fobes. This study is a critical foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography Foundations, Photography, Photography Foundations and Photography.

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Author Natalie Fobes
Publish Date 8/30/2011
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 36m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update N/A

In this course, Pulitzer-nominated photographer Natalie Fobes takes viewers into the studio and on location to explore the many elements that combine to make an effective photo.

The course explores compositional elements that guide a viewer’s eye, including the rule of thirds; leading lines, patterns, and curves; and depth of field. Natalie then details the roles of color and light in a photo. She shows how to work with the natural light in a room or outdoor location, and how to enhance it using reflectors, newspapers, a T-shirt, or whatever might be handy. She also shows some simple indoor lighting setups that can replicate the look of natural light.

The course continues with a look at movement and how a photographer can convey a sense of motion by blurring part of the image or freezing a fast-moving subject. Next, Natalie explores the concepts of peak action and the decisive moment—those split seconds that capture the essence or emotion of a subject or scene. The course wraps up with a discussion of the roles of planning and research in creating effective photos.

The Elements of Effective Photographs : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 17s
  • What makes an effective photograph?6m 4s
  • The rule of thirds2m 50s
  • Creating movement and interest2m 16s
  • Foreground, background, and in-between2m 36s
  • Depth of field as a composing tool3m 50s
  • Depth of field and bokeh4m 47s
  • Sunrise and sunset: The Kelvin scale2m 29s
  • White balance: Beyond natural light1m 4s
  • White balance in camera3m 45s
  • Using color according to color theory4m 13s
  • Color in post5m 59s
  • Black and white2m 36s
  • Black and white in post4m 55s
  • The message of light2m 29s
  • One-light setup4m 41s
  • Two-light setup2m 11s
  • Seeing and enhancing natural light3m 32s
  • Changing and replicating natural light2m 20s
  • The role of motion in photography42s
  • Camera settings for freezing or blurring motion3m 12s
  • Techniques for panning4m 9s
  • Other ways to create motion46s
  • Creating blur in Photoshop8m
  • Peak action5m 25s
  • Capturing the decisive moment2m 56s
  • The importance of research2m 38s
  • Planning for your shoot4m 11s
  • Goodbye47s

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