The Accidental Web Designer

The Accidental Web Designer

The Accidental Web Designer is an Beginner level study on Web, compiled by the author, Jen Kramer. This study is an essential step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Web talent. It provides you a thorough grip on CMS, Web, Web Design, CMS, Web and Web Design.

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Author Jen Kramer
Publish Date 5/1/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 39m
Topic CMS
Video Tutorials 42
Last Update 1/8/2020

You—a person with little or no training in web design—have found yourself in charge of a website. Maybe even two. While your task might initially seem daunting, designing and running a great site is completely within your powers. In this weekly series, Jen Kramer shows you how, providing quick, actionable tips designed to help accidental web designers like yourself create and manage high-quality sites. Learn new techniques in the areas of content, marketing, and technology, from how to define your website’s voice to how to effectively focus your social media messaging. Plus, Jen provides a weekly question to consider with other accidental web designers in the course’s LinkedIn Group. Tune in every Wednesday for a new tip.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.

The Accidental Web Designer : Video Lessons

  • Welcome59s
  • What is an accidental web designer?1m 50s
  • About our LinkedIn Group33s
  • Coming back later in 202053s
  • Voice, tone, and brand2m 58s
  • Four ways a listicle helps your message3m 34s
  • Say more with less2m 1s
  • Developing basic HTML skills1m 6s
  • Three tips for improving your Google searches2m 45s
  • What's the right platform for my website?5m 6s
  • vs. WordPress.org3m 28s
  • What is an API?2m 2s
  • Three tips for choosing effective photos2m 1s
  • How do I add tons of content to my existing website?3m 19s
  • Choosing great fonts for your website2m 47s
  • Understanding organizational, user, and website goals3m 58s
  • Your website isn't for everyone—and that's OK!3m 15s
  • What is reputation management?2m 13s
  • Three ways people find you that aren't through Google2m 27s
  • Eliminating website ROT2m 56s
  • Organizing your content5m 30s
  • Five tips for hiring website help3m 35s
  • What is website accessibility?2m 24s
  • Six tips for improving website accessibility3m 51s
  • What are some quick and easy ways to create videos?2m 37s
  • What are all of those web technologies?3m 37s
  • Five easy ways to promote your website2m 49s
  • Three easy tips for quality video1m 48s
  • Three tips for effective social media2m 30s
  • Three tips for getting email newsletters opened and read2m 57s
  • Three more tips for reaching email subscribers2m 32s
  • Pop-ups for good and evil2m 16s
  • Three free product strategies2m 41s
  • Improving communication with web developers through wireframing2m 6s
  • Hooking customers with hooks1m 38s
  • Choosing a great color scheme for your site1m 52s
  • The importance of a call to action (CTA)1m 58s
  • Using ebooks to promote your business2m 29s

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