Technical Writing: Reports

Technical Writing: Reports

Technical Writing: Reports is an Intermediate level course on Business, crafted by the creator, Judy Steiner-Williams. This course is an important step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Communication, Writing, Business, Communication and Writing.

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Author Judy Steiner-Williams
Publish Date 11/11/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 30m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 34
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Technical reports are the cornerstone of research projects and stand-alone routine investigations. Writing reports correctly is important. Whether you are a researcher responsible for your own reports or a technical writer interpreting the work of others, this course will help you generate clear, concise, and complete technical reports. Writing instructor Judy Steiner-Williams explains how technical reports differ from other report types and outlines all the elements needed to make reports as comprehensive as possible. In addition, she provides tips on how to simplify your writing—which can be especially challenging when using technical language—and helps you evaluate your audience’s needs, so you can best address their concerns.

Topics include:

  • Identify the purpose and main point of a report.
  • Determine which questions should be asked before writing a technical report.
  • Recall the six ethical principles identified by the Society of Technical Writers.
  • List three groups of readers that could be the audience for a technical report.
  • Examine the technical audience.
  • Explain when it is appropriate to use generic headings.
  • Recognize the best approach for writing a first draft.
  • Name three areas of a report that should be assessed during the revision process.
  • Review the best strategies for keeping your writing concise.

Technical Writing: Reports : Video Lessons

  • Welcome to Writing Technical Reports1m 47s
  • What you should know2m 8s
  • Exercise files1m 16s
  • Identify the purpose and main point3m 40s
  • Focus of technical report writing3m 42s
  • How technical writing is unique3m 34s
  • Importance of ethical principles4m 33s
  • Evaluate audience needs3m 41s
  • Examine the technical audience3m 47s
  • Understand the nontechnical audience4m 54s
  • The importance of planning4m 46s
  • Conduct research to collect information5m 18s
  • Develop a final outline6m 13s
  • How to write a first draft3m 44s
  • Understand the revision process5m 27s
  • Proofreading strategies5m 17s
  • The organization and structure of a report5m 22s
  • Plan and write the abstract4m 13s
  • Include methodology and procedures4m 11s
  • Select background information3m 40s
  • How to write an introduction4m 8s
  • The importance of a clear title page3m 51s
  • Cover letters for a technical report3m 47s
  • Conclusions and recommendations4m 11s
  • How to prepare appendices5m 14s
  • Add visuals to a technical report9m
  • Identify follow-ups for future reports3m 54s
  • Optional sections of technical reports4m 31s
  • How to identify and credit sources6m 32s
  • Understand the findings section4m 9s
  • Consider language formality4m 35s
  • How to be concise6m 43s
  • Presentation and format of a report6m 15s
  • Next steps2m 29s

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