Teamwork Foundations

Teamwork Foundations

Teamwork Foundations is an Beginner level study on Business, crafted by the creator, Chris Croft. This study is an essential step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Collaboration, Communication, Marketing, Business, Business Skills, Collaboration, Communication and Marketing.

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Author Chris Croft
Publish Date 4/9/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 25m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 32
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Whatever job you do, it’s likely you work in a team. Your performance will depend on your ability to work successfully with other people. Learn the qualities of effective teams and the role you, as a team member, play in creating a healthy, productive team in this course taught by management trainer Chris Croft. In addition to the importance of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, Chris emphasizes the significance of delivering what is expected of you, listening to other team members, communicating clearly, playing more than one role, and being supportive. The training is jam-packed with practical ideas to become a great team player and help you and your organization become more successful.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of solid teams
  • The five stages of a team task
  • Difficulties faced by teams
  • Team behaviors to avoid
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Characteristics of good team members
  • Using your strengths
  • Improving your weaknesses

Teamwork Foundations : Video Lessons

  • Teamwork is the core1m 14s
  • Getting the most from this course1m 30s
  • Is it natural to work in a team?2m 58s
  • Nobody's perfect2m 12s
  • A shared vision of success2m 6s
  • Dividing up the work5m 5s
  • The five stages of a team task3m
  • The right environment2m 1s
  • Communicating: When to speak up3m 6s
  • What is the best size of a team?3m 46s
  • Seven causes of conflict3m 39s
  • Risky shift and groupthink3m 34s
  • Team behaviors to avoid3m 32s
  • What to do if you find someone annoying2m 20s
  • Be honest and open5m
  • Be aware of your blind spot3m 59s
  • Three ways to be nice3m 32s
  • Forgiveness and carrying baggage2m 17s
  • Deliver results reliably2m 31s
  • Deliver more than your share2m 29s
  • Maintain a positive attitude2m 16s
  • Be a great listener4m 19s
  • Encourage quiet team members2m 10s
  • The right amount of talking2m 24s
  • Be able to play more than one role2m 20s
  • Go the extra mile1m 34s
  • Use your strengths2m 3s
  • Your job, your comfort zone, and your potential2m 29s
  • Three ways to deal with your weaknesses3m 27s
  • Ten ways to start improving2m 21s

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