Teacher Tips

Teacher Tips

Teacher Tips is an Intermediate level tutorial on Education + Elearning, compiled by an expert, Aaron Quigley. This tutorial is an essential base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Education + Elearning expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Classroom Management, Educational Technology, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Education + Elearning, Teacher Tools, Evernote, iPad, Classroom Management, Educational Technology, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Education + Elearning, Teacher Tools, Evernote and iPad.

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Author Aaron Quigley
Publish Date 9/16/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 8h 26m
Topic Classroom Management
Video Tutorials 98
Last Update 12/22/2014

In this course, author and educator Aaron Quigley shows you how to stay up to date with the latest educational technology and classroom management techniques. He introduces you to new tips you can use to be more efficient, and increase student achievement. Aaron covers concepts like the flipped classroom, Common Core Standards, and the role of social media in education. This course also covers a variety of productivity apps, learning management systems, and other technologies, using a project-based approach that simulates the real K–12 or university classroom environment.

Teacher Tips : Video Lessons

  • Welcome50s
  • Is this course right for me?51s
  • What is the flipped classroom?4m 16s
  • Building a flipped lesson plan4m 22s
  • Finding resources4m 5s
  • Using Evernote to organize your classroom7m 49s
  • Using Skitch to create dynamic presentations4m 44s
  • What is Common Core?4m 52s
  • ELA/Literacy6m 41s
  • Mathematics4m 56s
  • Using the iPad as a teacher6m 17s
  • Using the iPad with your students3m 43s
  • Getting started with Edmodo8m 5s
  • Managing your classes8m 48s
  • Communication3m 54s
  • Prezi: Teaching best practices6m 27s
  • Blogging fundamentals12m 50s
  • Getting started with Schoology6m 46s
  • Integrating Google Apps7m 54s
  • Understanding online file syncing7m 47s
  • Dropdox options and workflow4m 12s
  • Managing student behaviors with ClassDojo11m 44s
  • Control classroom management with an iPad6m 2s
  • Creating a student-friendly worksheet11m
  • Modifying assignments quickly11m 21s
  • Podcasting in the classroom8m 51s
  • Hour of Code2m 18s
  • Kodu2m 1s
  • Writing your first program6m 46s
  • Create a quick class website8m 20s
  • Upload assignments9m 48s
  • Creating screen capture video6m 39s
  • Mind mapping for students10m 14s
  • Creating online interactive discussions2m 53s
  • Exploring educational uses of todaysmeet.com3m 42s
  • Exploring the Adobe Education Exchange4m 19s
  • Online learning with bContext1m 7s
  • Creating digital videos9m 48s
  • Free website platforms2m 3s
  • Selecting a website platform3m 50s
  • Students on the Internet3m 55s
  • Teaching proper Internet use6m 57s
  • Learning through interactions4m 6s
  • Creating social learning experiences6m 36s
  • Exploring social bookmarking with Diigo7m 7s
  • Sharing a list of websites3m 57s
  • Creating a resource collection for students4m 3s
  • Lesson planning with Common Curriculum4m 47s
  • Managing your instructional schedule6m 10s
  • Piktochart in education3m 20s
  • Creating infographics6m 51s
  • Exploring the role of a learning management system3m 56s
  • Three free learning management systems5m 28s
  • Understanding crowdfunding3m 27s
  • Explore education crowdfunding tools5m 30s
  • Creating drag-and-drop lessons4m 50s
  • Using pre-created resources1m 58s
  • Exploring VoiceThread3m 46s
  • Creating and sharing a VoiceThread3m 36s
  • Lesson planning with BetterLesson.com4m 1s
  • Accessing common core lesson plans2m 43s
  • Exploring the free resources2m 59s
  • Exploring the teacher portal3m 46s
  • How does donorschoose.org work?2m 42s
  • Creating compelling projects4m 19s
  • Building awareness through social media5m 31s
  • Adding your classroom as a project3m
  • Find high quality lessons for your classroom5m 27s
  • Assess the quality of lesson materials2m 14s
  • Selling lessons plans on TeachersPayTeachers.com1m 39s
  • Uploading lesson plans for sale10m 18s
  • Lesson planning on an iPad3m 53s
  • Creating recorded lessons on an iPad2m 47s
  • Maximizing class downtime with DuoLingo3m 13s
  • Creating self-motivated learners using DuoLingo1m 28s
  • Adding the Office Mix PowerPoint plugin2m 58s
  • Creating videos from PowerPoint presentations3m 15s
  • Creating stories with Adobe Voice7m 39s
  • Lesson planner at learner.org2m 37s
  • Real-world learning in the classroom2m 55s
  • Formative assessments with Pear Deck6m 49s
  • Increasing student collaboration with Flipgrid5m 4s
  • Managing electronic assignments4m 10s
  • Turning in assignments4m 5s
  • Google's new free LMS3m 29s
  • Using Trello for classroom project management5m 24s
  • Creating interactive cloud-based lessons3m 3s
  • Creating Classflow lessons5m 41s
  • Presenting Classflow lessons4m 56s
  • Students creating electronic prototypes2m 27s
  • Creating interactive video lessons7m 17s
  • Creating collaborative art space3m 58s
  • Showcase learning with infographics8m 30s
  • Tracking individual student learning5m 54s
  • Taking class polls to check for understanding5m 6s
  • Turn down time into learning time4m 56s
  • Student math mastery and learning tool4m 37s
  • National Geographic GeoTour7m 59s

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