SynthEyes Essential Training (2015)

SynthEyes Essential Training (2015)

SynthEyes Essential Training (2015) is an Beginner level tutorial on 3D + Animation, compiled by the creator, Brian Morse. This tutorial is an essential pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, SynthEyes, 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and SynthEyes.

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Author Brian Morse
Publish Date 8/28/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 34m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 55
Last Update N/A

3D tracking is the foundation for advanced visual effects in films and commercials seen all over the world. SynthEyes is one of the most popular software packages for 3D tracking, capable of complex camera moves and object tracking. Join Brian Morse as he reviews essential tools and techniques in SynthEyes, beginning with a quick start guide to help you create accurate 3D solves quickly. He shows how to analyze a shot, compensate for lens distortion, and use both the manual and automatic features in SynthEyes to help you get the best solve for your camera. Plus, learn about more advanced techniques, like object tracking with a moving camera. The course closes with a look at exporting to a variety of animation packages: After Effects, NUKE, Maya, and CINEMA 4D.

Topics include:

  • Understanding 3D tracking and photogrammetry
  • Creating your first 3D track
  • Importing and analyzing footage
  • Image preprocessing
  • Calculating lens distortion
  • Setting up masking and roto
  • Tracking manually and automatically
  • Refining tracks
  • Solving the camera
  • Setting up coordinate systems
  • Adding 3D objects
  • Setting up tripod shots
  • Object tracking
  • Exporting your tracks to different animation packages

SynthEyes Essential Training (2015) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Using the exercise files56s
  • Interface overview5m 21s
  • Preferences overview3m 5s
  • Matching-moving process57s
  • Camera basics2m 10s
  • Photogrammetry1m 46s
  • Importing and evaluating footage1m 45s
  • Automatic tracking3m 3s
  • Solving and refining1m 58s
  • Setting up a coordinate system1m 11s
  • Exporting to other software1m 52s
  • Analyzing the shot1m 37s
  • Shot and project settings3m 31s
  • Image preprocessing3m 5s
  • Setting up prediction modes for our shot1m 27s
  • Overview of lens distortion1m 51s
  • Distortion workflows1m 6s
  • Using Calculate Lens Distortion1m 37s
  • Using a lens grid to find the lens distortion5m 43s
  • Manually finding lens distortion1m 36s
  • Overview of masking and roto1m 15s
  • Setting up roto for cameras and objects2m 23s
  • Adding trackers to roto shapes3m 3s
  • Using alpha channels for roto2m 24s
  • Features panel (semiautomatic)4m 14s
  • Supervised tracking8m 40s
  • Combining trackers3m 39s
  • Zero weight trackers3m 50s
  • Quick check3m 2s
  • Using the Graph Editor3m 44s
  • SimulTrack view2m 1s
  • Cleaning up trackers3m 15s
  • Adding many trackers3m 43s
  • Overview of the solver3m 11s
  • Solving the shot1m 47s
  • Refining the solve4m 18s
  • Overview of the coordinate system1m 22s
  • Automatic placement1m 30s
  • 3-point coordinate setup3m 41s
  • Manual alignment4m 23s
  • Adding 3D objects4m 54s
  • Mesh creation3m 5s
  • Overview of tripod moves49s
  • Setting up a tripod shot2m 11s
  • 3D alignment1m 34s
  • Overview of object tracking36s
  • Object tracking5m 48s
  • Solving for a joint moving camera and object6m 13s
  • Overview of export2m 12s
  • Exporting to After Effects4m 23s
  • Exporting to NUKE2m 28s
  • Exporting to Maya3m 11s
  • Exporting to CINEMA 4D2m 11s
  • What's next?1m 27s

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