Swift 5 Essential Training

Swift 5 Essential Training

Swift 5 Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Developer, created by the author, Harrison Ferrone. This study is a critical base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Developer expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Developer, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages, Swift, Developer, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages and Swift.

Free Download - Swift 5 Essential Training
Author Harrison Ferrone
Publish Date 4/11/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 4h 3m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 67
Last Update N/A

Swift is the programming language for the Apple ecosystem—iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS—and it’s a particularly expressive, fast, safe, and fun language that’s suitable for new and experienced programmers alike. In this course, instructor Harrison Ferrone helps you gain hands-on experience with Swift 5, and prepares you to start developing your own apps and games using this popular language. Following an overview of Swift’s evolution, Harrison takes you through each component of the language. He covers common data types, conditional logic, methods, functions, classes and structs, and more—explaining what you need to know to become proficient in programming with Swift. Examples and use cases are pulled from Harrison’s own games, providing a practical context for each programming element.

Topics include:

  • Getting Xcode
  • Variables and constants
  • Logging and commenting
  • Working with strings
  • Bools and logical operators
  • Working with collections
  • Arrays and array methods
  • Sets and tuples
  • Working with conditional statements and loops
  • Working with functions
  • Classes in Swift
  • Enumerations
  • Handling errors

Swift 5 Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Begin an adventure with Swift 51m 19s
  • Quest accepted: What you should know1m 8s
  • Swift retrospective1m 22s
  • Getting Xcode1m 57s
  • Reviewing the exercise files3m 55s
  • The quest begins: variables35s
  • Variables and constants3m 6s
  • Type safety and inference3m 11s
  • Logging and commenting1m 58s
  • Swift operators2m 42s
  • Understanding strings5m 13s
  • Working with strings5m 11s
  • Type conversions4m 57s
  • Bools and logical operators2m 40s
  • Introducing optionals3m 14s
  • Accessing documentation1m 23s
  • Challenge: Player stats45s
  • Solution: Player stats4m 12s
  • Gathering inventory with collections24s
  • Swift arrays4m 27s
  • Core array methods6m 47s
  • Swift dictionaries5m 39s
  • Core dictionary methods7m 6s
  • Working with sets4m 12s
  • Core set methods3m 35s
  • Swift tuples5m 10s
  • Challenge: Merchant shop32s
  • Solution: Merchant shop5m 19s
  • Controlling your destiny27s
  • The if statement3m 44s
  • Unwrapping optionals5m 22s
  • Using For-In Loops7m 16s
  • While loops2m 54s
  • The switch statement6m 59s
  • The guard statement3m 22s
  • Challenge: Game logic37s
  • Solution: Game logic5m 33s
  • Leveling the playing field30s
  • Basic functions3m 25s
  • Overloading functions3m 12s
  • Complex functions5m 9s
  • Function types3m 25s
  • Understanding closures4m 43s
  • Using closures7m 38s
  • Type aliasing4m 2s
  • Challenge: Battle grounds37s
  • Solution: Battle grounds5m 50s
  • Populating the game world26s
  • Value vs reference types2m 43s
  • Basic Swift classes6m 24s
  • Access modifiers and properties7m 29s
  • Subclassing in swift4m 21s
  • Basic Swift structs6m 9s
  • Chaining optionals6m 33s
  • Challenge: Inventory system34s
  • Solution: Inventory system5m 13s
  • Final stage, final boss31s
  • Swift enumerations3m 57s
  • Raw & associated values5m 53s
  • Introducing protocols5m 55s
  • Using extensions4m 31s
  • Throwing errors3m 18s
  • Handling errors7m 12s
  • Challenge: Battle actions39s
  • Solution: Combat actions4m 41s
  • Next steps39s

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