Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects

Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects

Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects is an Intermediate level course on Web, produced by an expert, Chris Nodder. This course is an absolute step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Web talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Web, User Experience, Web and User Experience.

Free Download - Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects
Author Chris Nodder
Publish Date 12/12/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 1m
Topic User Experience
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

Surveys are one of the most frequently used—and abused—methods of getting information from a group of people. Done well, they are illuminating. Done poorly, they are almost useless. If you are conducting marketing or usability research, or just trying to learn more about your customers, you should know how to conduct an effective survey or questionnaire. In this course, Chris Nodder provides tips and techniques to do surveys right. Discover how to define your goals and write questions that produce clear and unambiguous answers. Chris then explains how to recruit candidates for the survey, reward them for their time, deliver the survey, and manage responses. Finally, find out how to analyze and report on your findings, so your UX team can take action on the results.

Topics include:

  • Hybrid surveys
  • When to use surveys
  • Creating good questions
  • Ordering questions
  • Identifying survey takers
  • How to send questionnaires
  • Using online survey tools
  • Analyzing and reporting survey results

Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects : Video Lessons

  • Getting good feedback1m 28s
  • What surveys are good at telling you2m 47s
  • Hybrid survey methods1m 56s
  • Fitting surveys into your research plan3m 17s
  • Know what you want to learn4m 30s
  • Different question types5m 1s
  • Common question mistakes3m 36s
  • Question order3m 21s
  • Who to send your survey to3m 32s
  • Rewards and incentives3m 44s
  • How to send out a questionnaire3m 45s
  • Online survey tools3m 52s
  • Demo of a survey creation tool6m 7s
  • Reporting data5m 21s
  • Visualizing results4m 32s
  • Show what you learned3m 5s
  • Next steps1m 40s

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