Street Photography: The City at Night

Street Photography: The City at Night

Street Photography: The City at Night is an Intermediate level study on Photography, produced by the author, Steve Simon. This study is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Night + Low Light, Black and White, Photography, Night + Low Light, Black and White and Photography.

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Author Steve Simon
Publish Date 8/21/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 24m
Topic Black and White
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update N/A

Cities take on entirely new personalities at night—and capturing personality is what street photography is all about. In this installment of the Street Photography series, photographer, author, and educator Steve Simon takes to the streets, beaches, and outer boroughs of New York after dark. Steve explores not only the creative options behind nighttime street shooting, but also the technical considerations and camera settings that provide the most fluid, effortless shooting situations.

Topics include:

  • Taking shots of the skyline at night
  • Shooting with a long exposure and noise reduction
  • Shooting subjects in low light
  • Panning with a moving subject
  • Shooting light trails
  • Zeroing out camera settings after a complex shot

Street Photography: The City at Night : Video Lessons

  • Welcome to the city at night1m 45s
  • Establishing the first location from the Brooklyn Bridge1m 20s
  • Taking the first shots of the skyline at night6m 46s
  • Shooting at night with long-exposure noise reduction2m 33s
  • Shooting subjects with a cityscape background1m 59s
  • Critiquing the first night shots5m 30s
  • Shooting scenes from a low-light boardwalk4m 45s
  • Shooting subject at night on the beach2m 41s
  • Shooting subjects in front of low-light boardwalk businesses2m 3s
  • Reviewing the shots from the beach boardwalk9m 35s
  • Establishing the location for a low-light mural shot1m
  • Shooting subjects in low light with a mural background3m 22s
  • Shooting subjects at night with reflected light4m 29s
  • Panning with a moving subject3m 43s
  • Posing a subject in a good low-light street scene5m 23s
  • Critiquing the urban low-light street shots8m 37s
  • Shooting city night-light trails4m 51s
  • Shooting an unconventional night skyline photo3m 11s
  • Zeroing out camera settings after a complex shoot3m 56s
  • Reviewing the light trails shots4m 39s
  • Looking at the final selects from the city at night2m 7s

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