Street Photography: Posed Portraiture

Street Photography: Posed Portraiture

Street Photography: Posed Portraiture is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by an expert, Steve Simon. This course is an important foundation for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Portraits, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Steve Simon
Publish Date 7/10/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 14m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 14
Last Update N/A

Candid street photography is one thing; posed street photography is another. Approaching strangers and asking to photograph them isn’t easy. But it’s rewarding—not only for your photography, but also for you. It all starts with breaking the ice, and in this course, Steve Simon takes to the streets of New York City to talk to strangers and take their pictures. By posing his subjects at various locations, he creates a portrait of the entire city: people at work, people at play, people in uniform, and people with their own unique style. Along the way, Steve shares the keys to successful posed street portraiture, from starting conversations with strangers to choosing the right gear and lenses.

Topics include:

  • Breaking the ice with subjects
  • Photographing people at work
  • Posing subjects in a city park
  • Photographing people on the move
  • Photographing people in suits and uniforms

Street Photography: Posed Portraiture : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to posed street photography1m 39s
  • Breaking the ice with someone who's already posing1m 45s
  • Photographing a subject with an interesting background3m 4s
  • Photographing people at work in construction3m 4s
  • Posing subjects in a city park3m 47s
  • Photographing two strangers together4m 55s
  • Reviewing the images from the first full day17m 17s
  • Photographing people at an intersection in the city7m 28s
  • Photographing interesting people in Union Square Park4m 24s
  • Photographing people engaged in activity in Union Square Park3m 48s
  • Shooting and posing strangers on Wall Street4m 5s
  • Photographing the officers of the NYPD3m 18s
  • Reviewing the images from the second day in NYC14m 13s
  • Reviewing the final selects from the posed portraits1m 56s

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