Statistics Foundations: 3

Statistics Foundations: 3

Statistics Foundations: 3 is an Advanced level tutorial on Business, produced by the creator, Eddie Davila. This tutorial is an absolute foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Intelligence, Big Data, IT, Business, Business Intelligence, Big Data and IT.

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Author Eddie Davila
Publish Date 12/19/2016
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 41m
Topic Big Data
Video Tutorials 24
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Statistics are everywhere, in every industry, but they’re a must for anyone working in data science, business, or business analytics. If you’re in one of these specialized fields, chances are you need an advanced understanding of statistics. Complete your mastery in this course, part 3 of our Statistics Fundamentals series. Eddie Davila covers concepts such as small sample sizes, t-distribution, degrees of freedom, chi-square testing, and more. This advanced skills training moves learners into the practical study and application of experimental design, analysis of variance, population comparison, and regression analysis. Use these lessons to go beyond the basics and dive deeper into the specific factors that influence your own calculations and results.

Topics include:

  • Working with small sample sizes
  • Using t-statistic vs. z-statistic
  • Calculating confidence intervals with t-scores
  • Comparing two populations (proportions)
  • Comparing two population means
  • Chi-square testing
  • ANOVA testing
  • Regression testing

Statistics Foundations: 3 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 4s
  • Recap of Statistics Fundamentals - Parts 1 and 23m 40s
  • What lies ahead in Statistics Fundamentals - Part 34m 28s
  • T-statistic vs. z-statistic3m 44s
  • T-score tables and degrees of freedom3m 20s
  • Calculating confidence intervals using t-scores4m 24s
  • Explanation of two populations2m 35s
  • Set up a comparison4m 37s
  • Hypothesis testing5m 45s
  • Basics of comparing two population means3m 33s
  • Visualization (re-randomizing)4m 2s
  • Set up a confidence interval5m 15s
  • Introduction to chi-square2m 53s
  • Curves and distribution3m 48s
  • Goodness-of-fit test6m 25s
  • What is analysis of variance?3m 7s
  • One-way ANOVA and the total sum of squares (SST)3m 18s
  • Variance within and variance between (SSW and SSB)4m 3s
  • Hypothesis test and f-statistic6m 12s
  • What is regression?3m 29s
  • The best-fitting line3m 32s
  • The coefficient of determination6m 9s
  • The correlation coefficient3m 9s
  • Next steps1m 40s

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