Statistics Foundations: 2

Statistics Foundations: 2

Statistics Foundations: 2 is an Intermediate level study on Business, written by the creator, Eddie Davila. This study is an absolute step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Intelligence, IT, Data Analysis, Business, Business Intelligence, IT and Data Analysis.

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Author Eddie Davila
Publish Date 12/22/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 56m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 26
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Statistics are a core skill for many careers. Basic stats are critical for making decisions, new discoveries, investments, and even predictions. But sometimes you need to move beyond the basics. Statistics Fundamentals – Part 2 takes business users and data science mavens into practical, example-based learning of the intermediate skills associated with statistics: samples and sampling, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

Eddie Davila first provides a bridge from Part 1, reviewing introductory concepts such as data and probability, and then moves into the topics of sampling, random samples, sample sizes, sampling error and trustworthiness, the central unit theorem, t-distribution, confidence intervals (including explaining unexpected outcomes), and hypothesis testing. This course is a must for those working in data science, business, and business analytics—or anyone else who wants to go beyond means and medians and gain a deeper understanding of how statistics work in the real world.

Topics include:

  • List the three primary issues addressed in Statistics Foundations: 2.
  • Recognize two key characteristics associated with simple random samples.
  • Apply the Central Limit Theorem to find the average of sample means.
  • Analyze random samples during hypothesis testing.
  • Assess individual situations to determine whether a one-tailed or two-tailed test is necessary.
  • Define acceptance sampling.

Statistics Foundations: 2 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 7s
  • What you should know1m 29s
  • Understanding data and distributions4m 11s
  • Probability and random variables4m 1s
  • What's next in stats 2?4m 26s
  • Sample considerations4m 11s
  • Random samples5m 4s
  • Alternative to random samples4m 42s
  • The importance of sample size5m 42s
  • The central limit theorem4m 53s
  • Standard error (for proportions)5m 50s
  • Sampling distribution of the mean3m 37s
  • Standard error (for means)4m 6s
  • One sample is all you need2m 42s
  • What exactly is a confidence interval?3m 50s
  • 95% confidence intervals for population proportions7m 8s
  • Do you want to be more than 95% confident?5m 12s
  • Explaining unexpected outcomes4m 38s
  • 95% confidence intervals for population means3m 41s
  • Is this result even possible?3m 27s
  • How to test a hypothesis in four steps7m 35s
  • One-tailed vs. two-tailed tests6m 1s
  • Significance test for proportions6m 8s
  • Significance test for means (acceptance sampling)6m 3s
  • Type I and type II errors5m 3s
  • Next steps1m 6s

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