Starting a Memorable Conversation

Starting a Memorable Conversation

Starting a Memorable Conversation is an Intermediate level study on Business, compiled by the creator, Tatiana Kolovou. This study is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Career Development, Business and Career Development.

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Author Tatiana Kolovou
Publish Date 1/23/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 29m 3s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 10
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Both in business and personal life, having the skill to approach a stranger or strike up a conversation with an acquaintance in a new context can be very useful. Memorable conversations can open doors and change career trajectories, but being the person to speak first doesn’t come naturally to all of us. In this course, author Tatiana Kolovou shares a formula for starting meaningful exchanges in any situation and teaches how to conduct an appropriate and memorable conversation. You can also learn about how to avoid common difficulties and find the right way to end a conversation.

Topics include:

  • Starting impromptu conversations
  • The formula for a great conversation
  • Conversation pitfalls
  • Cultural and personality considerations
  • Strategies for introverts and extroverts
  • Think-on-your-feet practice drills
  • Real world scenarios
  • Exiting a conversation

Starting a Memorable Conversation : Video Lessons

  • Starting a memorable conversation2m 47s
  • Formula for having a successful conversation4m 4s
  • Overcoming conversation pitfalls2m 55s
  • Cultural and personality considerations3m 15s
  • Quick drills for conversation starters4m 12s
  • Meeting the CEO at a company event example2m 36s
  • Conversation starters for a conference2m 16s
  • Video call conversation starters with international client3m 3s
  • Exiting a conversation2m 25s
  • Practice starting conversations well1m 30s

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