Sony Alpha a7: Tips and Techniques

Sony Alpha a7: Tips and Techniques

Sony Alpha a7: Tips and Techniques is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the creator, Justin Reznick. This course is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Cameras + Gear and Photography.

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Author Justin Reznick
Publish Date 4/1/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 18
Last Update N/A

Get the most out of the Sony Alpha a7 series camera with this collection of customization tips. Photographer Justin Reznick shows how to optimize your Sony a7, a7S, or a7R II camera to fit how you shoot—so you can concentrate on image making, not button pressing. Justin shows how to use the electronic viewfinder, adjust focus and autofocus, customize the A7’s many screens and buttons, configure the touchless shutter, extend the camera’s functionality with Sony apps, and leverage some adapters and accessories that make shooting with the Sony Alpha a7 even more fun.

Topics include:

  • Using the viewfinder
  • Adjusting focus
  • Setting back-button autofocus
  • Customizing buttons and menus
  • Configuring a touchless shutter
  • Using the Bracket Pro and Smart Remote Control apps
  • Using adapters and accessories with the Sony Alpha a7

Sony Alpha a7: Tips and Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 18s
  • Using the electronic viewfinder effectively3m 50s
  • Understanding focus peaking in depth3m 36s
  • Setting up back button autofocus2m 11s
  • Maximizing image review2m 17s
  • Customizing the Sony Alpha a7 buttons with key settings6m 1s
  • Exploring more custom button settings for the Sony Alpha a75m 34s
  • Customizing the function screen on the Sony Alpha a72m 5s
  • Customizing the Sony Alpha a7 camera menus9m 4s
  • How to use bracketing effectively on the Sony Alpha a75m 8s
  • Configuring a touchless shutter2m 31s
  • Using the Bracket Pro app on the Sony Alpha a72m 54s
  • Using the Smart Remote Control app on the Sony Alpha a72m 48s
  • Lens adapter basics with the Sony Alpha a71m 29s
  • Using an adapter with an autofocus lens1m 42s
  • Using an adapter with a manual lens on the Sony Alpha a71m 55s
  • Exploring the accessories for the Sony Alpha a75m 9s
  • Next steps59s

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