SOLIDWORKS: Animations

SOLIDWORKS: Animations

SOLIDWORKS: Animations is an Beginner level tutorial on CAD, produced by the author, Justin Flett. This tutorial is a critical foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her CAD talent. It provides you a thorough grip on CAD, Prototyping, Web, Product Design, SOLIDWORKS, CAD, Prototyping, Web, Product Design and SOLIDWORKS.

Free Download - SOLIDWORKS: Animations
Author Justin Flett
Publish Date 7/11/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 55m
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 33
Last Update N/A

By bringing your designs to life with animation, you can communicate precisely how your product should move—and show off how your product works in general. SOLIDWORKS offers tools and functions that can help engineering, design, and product teams generate animations of existing designs. In this course, learn what you need to know to create animations with this powerful 3D CAD software. Instructor Justin Flett steps through how to generate simple animations with the Animation Wizard, as well as how to create more complex animations using manual techniques and motion drivers. Plus, learn about basic physics-based motion and walkthrough animations.

Topics include:

  • Working with MotionManager
  • Reviewing common animation terminology
  • Using the Animation Wizard to generate animations
  • Making complex animations with the click and drag method
  • Editing the timeline and views
  • Changing display and appearances
  • Using scenes and lighting in animations
  • Controlling animation with mates
  • Physics-based motion
  • Creating walkthrough animations

SOLIDWORKS: Animations : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 21s
  • What you should know1m 27s
  • Activating the MotionManager1m 23s
  • User interface2m 57s
  • Animation timeline and terminology1m 30s
  • Rotate animation2m 23s
  • Explode animation3m 52s
  • Collapse animation2m 5s
  • Click and drag5m 32s
  • Suppressing mates4m 20s
  • Move with Triad2m 16s
  • Using mates4m 44s
  • Editing the timeline3m 34s
  • Reversing an animation3m 14s
  • View keys2m 41s
  • Auto-view key and disable view playback3m 15s
  • Changing display and appearances6m 14s
  • Using display states2m 59s
  • Scenes and lighting4m 41s
  • Using scenes and lighting in animations3m 44s
  • Controlling animation with mates5m 37s
  • Using the Mate Controller5m 38s
  • Adding motors2m 47s
  • Filters2m 24s
  • Animation vs. basic motion1m 32s
  • Adding gravity and contact4m 41s
  • Motors and contact and gravity2m 31s
  • Introduction to cameras4m 18s
  • Introduction to cameras part 24m 47s
  • Creating walkthrough animations7m 3s
  • Creating walkthrough animations part 25m 57s
  • Camera sleds2m 40s
  • Next steps1m 41s

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