Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, created by the author, Brad Batesole. This tutorial is an essential step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Small Business Marketing, Communication, Marketing, Business, Business Skills, Small Business Marketing, Communication and Marketing.

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Author Brad Batesole
Publish Date 4/9/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 26
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Every small business is different; however, the common secret of successful small businesses lies in a solid marketing plan. In this course, Brad Batesole walks you through everything you need to know about marketing your service or product effectively—regardless of your team’s size or budget. Brad explains how to identify your target market, formulate your brand message, and figure out the best marketing channels. He details how to identify your advertising options, including how to plan an initial social campaign, as well as how to measure your results. Plus, he provides guidance on how to decide whether to do your own marketing or hire a professional.

Small Business Marketing : Video Lessons

  • Maximizing small business growth39s
  • What is meant by small business?1m 21s
  • Small business marketing challenges2m 7s
  • Establishing your goals2m 36s
  • Adopting a growth mindset2m 39s
  • Developing a marketing approach2m 34s
  • Identifying your buyer2m 56s
  • Segmenting your audience2m 24s
  • Knowing your value proposition2m 32s
  • Exploring the marketing funnel2m 32s
  • Customer journey2m 8s
  • The value of your brand2m 54s
  • Marketing across the funnel3m 23s
  • Picking your marketing channels3m 48s
  • Creating campaigns3m 1s
  • Getting started with social media2m 52s
  • Planning for SEO1m 49s
  • Creating a content marketing plan2m 41s
  • Content marketing that sells2m 30s
  • Deciding to use paid ads1m 51s
  • Messaging offline2m 37s
  • When to hire help2m 1s
  • How to hire help1m 45s
  • Know your data1m 42s
  • Solicit feedback often and early2m 52s
  • Putting your marketing plan to action41s

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