Sketch Essential Training: The Basics

Sketch Essential Training: The Basics

Sketch Essential Training: The Basics is an Beginner level study on Web, created by an expert, Chris Converse. This study is an absolute base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Web talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Interaction Design, Responsive Design, Web, User Experience, Web Design, Sketch, Interaction Design, Responsive Design, Web, User Experience, Web Design and Sketch.

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Author Chris Converse
Publish Date 8/30/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 34m
Topic Interaction Design
Video Tutorials 41
Last Update N/A

Sketch is one of the most popular UX design tools around. This course can help designers of all skill levels be productive with its focused, comprehensive workflow. Follow along with Chris Converse and learn the ins and outs of the Sketch interface, and how to design modern user experiences with Sketch, starting with project setup and working through to interactive prototyping. Chris shows how to create custom shared libraries, draw icons, work with imagery and typography, and share your designs across the web using the Sketch Cloud service. Finally, see how to export your work for developers or project teams for integration into their workflows. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to use artboards, share libraries, draw icons, create prototypes, and export assets to high-definition PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs.

Topics include:

  • Adding a library to Sketch
  • Designing a search form
  • Drawing icons in Sketch
  • Working with fonts
  • Setting up an artboard for tablet screens
  • Using Sketch Mirror to preview your designs
  • Creating interactive prototypes
  • Exporting artboards and assets
  • Collaborating with Sketch Cloud

Sketch Essential Training: The Basics : Video Lessons

  • Learn the basics of Sketch1m 6s
  • About Sketch and this course1m
  • Work with fonts in Sketch51s
  • About the exercise files25s
  • Add hero image and header bar6m 11s
  • Set and style the main headlines4m 36s
  • About Sketch libraries3m 52s
  • Add a library to Sketch2m 23s
  • Set up layout guides3m 48s
  • Add the top navigation2m 39s
  • Design a search form8m 45s
  • Create a calendar icon6m 49s
  • Update Sketch library items3m 16s
  • Create the best price icon6m 46s
  • Create the chat icon7m 57s
  • Switch Sketch library files1m 14s
  • Add icons to the header navigation4m 22s
  • Set up the great deals section5m 48s
  • Add the labels for each deal7m 6s
  • Create the details button3m 43s
  • Create a nested symbol for ratings4m 46s
  • Add the services section5m 53s
  • Add the testimonials section4m 11s
  • Add the footer3m 18s
  • Set up an artboard for tablet screens2m 19s
  • Resize the header for a smaller screen4m
  • Resize the search section for a smaller screen3m 2s
  • Using Sketch Mirror2m 19s
  • Apply the deals section to a smaller screen3m 42s
  • Apply the services section to a smaller screen3m 11s
  • Resize the testimonials and footer sections for a smaller screen3m 57s
  • Export artboards to a multipage PDF1m 32s
  • Collaborate with Sketch Cloud3m 6s
  • Prototyping: Fixed items when scrolling3m 46s
  • Prototyping: Interactive linking2m 48s
  • Prototyping: Control links with symbols3m 36s
  • Export artboards to JPG and PNG3m 25s
  • Using the Slice tool3m 39s
  • Export images in multiple sizes4m 6s
  • Export SVG4m 35s
  • Where to go from here41s

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