Shooting and Processing Panoramas

Shooting and Processing Panoramas

Shooting and Processing Panoramas is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, compiled by the creator, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is a critical foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, Photoshop, Cameras + Gear, Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 6/17/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 40m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 77
Last Update N/A

When one photo doesn’t do justice to a scene, take several—and then stitch them together into a panorama. In this course, Rich Harrington details every step in the process, from shooting to stitching. Rich begins with a look at the creative options provided by panoramic photographs. He then describes the technical details for getting great original shots: how to properly mount the camera on a tripod, how to overlap each shot, which lenses deliver best results, and more. After shooting a variety of panoramas, he shows how to process them using various software tools, from Lightroom to Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Topics include:

  • Choosing your gear
  • Compensating for the nodal point
  • Leveling the camera platform
  • Locking exposure and focus
  • Shooting with the GigaPan system
  • Shooting HDR panoramas
  • Shooting a 360-degree panorama
  • Managing data from a panorama shoot
  • Keeping your photos organized
  • Reducing noise and removing dust with Camera Raw
  • Assembling panoramas with Photoshop
  • Assembling panoramas with Lightroom Classic

Shooting and Processing Panoramas : Video Lessons

  • Welcome32s
  • What you should know before watching this course35s
  • Using the exercise files29s
  • The end product1m 20s
  • The objectives to achieve1m 5s
  • Determining a target delivery size1m 5s
  • What is field of view?1m 49s
  • What is the nodal point?2m 33s
  • Post-processing choices for panoramic photography58s
  • A solid tripod for panoramic photography1m 22s
  • Choosing a tripod head2m 52s
  • Lens choices for panoramic photography2m 15s
  • Compensating for the nodal point2m 19s
  • Shooting time-lapse as JPEG files1m 49s
  • Shooting time-lapse as RAW files1m 21s
  • Stitching in a camera1m 49s
  • Leveling the camera platform2m 17s
  • Cleaning the lens3m 28s
  • Locking exposure and focus1m 58s
  • Shooting with overlap1m 50s
  • Minimizing camera shake1m 43s
  • A refresher on exposure triangle3m 5s
  • What is GigaPan?1m 46s
  • Building the GigaPan platform2m 39s
  • Framing and recording the shot with the GigaPan system4m 25s
  • Why shoot an HDR panorama?1m 23s
  • Setting up for the shot2m 27s
  • Shooting the source images1m 30s
  • Shooting a 360-degree panorama4m 20s
  • Shooting handheld2m 6s
  • Shooting panoramas using an iPhone1m 11s
  • Using Photosynth for panoramic photography2m 59s
  • Using Occipital 360 for panoramic photography1m 14s
  • Using a card wallet1m 8s
  • Transferring data3m 22s
  • Choosing a working drive1m 18s
  • Using stacks in Adobe Bridge4m 2s
  • Renaming and renumbering image sequences6m
  • Fixing basic exposure with Camera Raw6m 42s
  • Using graduated filters with Camera Raw5m 19s
  • Advanced recovery with Camera Raw4m 41s
  • Reducing noise with Camera Raw4m 36s
  • Removing dust with Camera Raw7m 12s
  • Choosing a bit depth4m
  • Compensating for lens distortion5m 4s
  • Merging a panorama in Adobe Camera Raw4m 8s
  • Initiating the Photomerge command from Bridge1m 11s
  • Initiating the Photomerge command from Photoshop1m 21s
  • Choosing an alignment method1m 33s
  • Blending the photos3m 24s
  • Post merge cleanup3m 8s
  • Using the Adaptive Wide Angle filter to remove distortion2m 59s
  • Merging a 360-degree panoramic photo7m 19s
  • Cleaning up VR images in Photoshop3m 23s
  • Merging the GigaPan panoramic photo6m 27s
  • Using Photoshop filters to enhance panoramas5m 32s
  • Using the Photo Filter adjustment layer3m
  • Using third-party filters to enhance panoramas4m 7s
  • Refining shadows and highlights3m 16s
  • Improving contrast in panoramic photos2m 20s
  • Adjusting vibrance in panoramic photos2m 43s
  • Converting panoramic photos to black and white5m 42s
  • Should you flatten a panorama?2m 32s
  • Cropping a panoramic photo to a target size and resolution2m 40s
  • Saving panoramas for printing2m 14s
  • Saving panoramas for the web6m 20s
  • Importing photos into Lightroom Classic2m 25s
  • Preprocessing photos in Lightroom Classic1m 50s
  • Initiating the Photo Merge command in Lightroom Classic2m 48s
  • Choosing an alignment method in Lightroom Classic1m 41s
  • Using Boundary Warp in Lightroom Classic1m
  • Merging an HDR panoramic photo in Lightroom Classic2m 18s
  • Developing the new RAW panorama image in Lightroom Classic4m 9s
  • Cropping the panorama in Lightroom Classic1m 22s
  • Sending from Lightroom Classic to Photoshop3m 1s
  • Sending from Lightroom Classic to Luminar2m 14s
  • Goodbye58s

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