Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere

Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere

Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere is an Intermediate level course on Business, produced by an expert, Jess Stratton. This course is an essential base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Design, Education + Elearning, Communication, Marketing, Freelancing, Home + Small Office, Teacher Tools, Productivity, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Business, Business Skills, Design, Education + Elearning, Communication, Marketing, Freelancing, Home + Small Office, Teacher Tools, Productivity, iPad, iPhone and Windows.

Free Download - Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere
Author Jess Stratton
Publish Date 9/12/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 8m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 51
Last Update N/A

Workers today are not just confined to a cube or an office—they can work anywhere and anytime. All you need are the right productivity tools and an Internet connection. In this course, Jess Stratton shows you how to set up your own mobile office. Decide what devices are right for you, and then learn how to get connected with mobile hotspots and public Wi-Fi. Jess gives you advice on how to separate your personal life from work—using multiple calendars, Apple IDs, email addresses, and signature files. Plus, learn to manage your task list and files and get the most out of traveling with your devices, from TripIt for planning your trips to other apps for keeping on schedule. The course also includes a section on securing your accounts and devices, so you can make sure they are safe wherever you are working.

Topics include:

  • Researching purchases for your mobile office
  • Getting connected to the Internet on the go
  • Using separate calendars and email for personal use and business
  • Setting up productivity tools like iCloud and Google Voice
  • Saving email attachments to the cloud
  • Managing your task list with Wunderlist
  • Keeping in touch on the road
  • Using TripIt to manage your trips
  • Organizing apps on your phone or tablet
  • Syncing devices
  • Connecting to a desktop computer
  • Securing accounts and devices

Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 2s
  • What is "the cloud"?2m 54s
  • Who is this course for?1m 16s
  • What devices do you need?4m 19s
  • Choosing an operating system2m 44s
  • How to research a technology purchase3m 14s
  • The difference between 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi-only3m 7s
  • Using a mobile hotspot3m 4s
  • Connecting to the Wi-Fi at airports and other public places5m 8s
  • Adding multiple calendars to your devices2m 58s
  • Working with multiple Apple IDs2m 45s
  • Sending email from multiple email addresses1m 42s
  • Creating multiple signature files2m 25s
  • Use Ninite to install multiple apps on your Windows laptop2m 12s
  • Use iCloud to set up a backup of your iOS devices3m 2s
  • Gathering all your email addresses1m 33s
  • Using Google Voice to get text transcriptions of your voicemail messages6m 25s
  • Saving email attachments directly to the cloud3m 12s
  • Editing files with Quickoffice Pro3m 43s
  • Managing multiple projects with Wunderlist2m 33s
  • Siri, your mobile office assistant3m 1s
  • Managing web clips with Evernote2m 33s
  • Update your blog on the road with WordPress3m 25s
  • Connect to all your instant messaging accounts with IM+ Pro5m
  • Use Skype on a mobile device to make international calls3m 2s
  • Using FaceTime to video chat on Apple devices natively1m 38s
  • Use the TripIt service to manage all your trips3m 18s
  • Use Twist to tell your customers when you will be there2m 56s
  • Turning your smartphone into a GPS device2m 32s
  • Finding flight statuses and handling delays2m 33s
  • Getting movies and books on a device for long flights4m 30s
  • Keeping a tech kit in your suitcase1m 33s
  • Scanning your important travel docs1m 29s
  • Genius Scan for expenses and pocket scanning2m 37s
  • Organizing your iOS apps into folders2m 38s
  • Using iOS Spotlight search to find mail and apps1m 27s
  • Printing to an AirPrint-enabled printer1m 21s
  • Items that will sync between all iOS devices and Mac desktops and laptops with Mountain Lion OS3m 5s
  • Cloud apps that you can also install on your desktop to sync2m 20s
  • Using to remote control a desktop from your tablet2m 40s
  • Using LogMeIn to connect to your desktops from your tablet2m 28s
  • Using a remote desktop protocol (RDP) app to connect to a multiserver environment from your tablet1m 23s
  • Adding 2-step verification to your accounts2m 53s
  • Adding a PIN code to your devices1m 23s
  • Finding a lost iPhone or iPad5m 34s
  • Enabling in-app PIN codes1m 43s
  • Next steps33s

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