Scanning Techniques for Photography Art and Design

Scanning Techniques for Photography Art and Design

Scanning Techniques for Photography Art and Design is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by an expert, Taz Tally. This course is an essential base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Scanning, Photography and Scanning.

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Author Taz Tally
Publish Date 10/11/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 6h 53m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 60
Last Update N/A

Review the scanning techniques graphics professionals and photographers use, while delving into workflow considerations and the advanced image-quality controls available in most scanning software. Author Taz Tally explains the core concepts, such as how resolution and interpolation affect scans; introduces the industry-standard SilverFast scanning software; and shares the settings to achieve the best results from a scan. The course also covers keeping your scanner and its parts clean and free of dust, and includes a variety of start-to-finish scanning tasks.

Topics include:

  • Understanding grayscale values and channels
  • Evaluating and correcting images with histograms
  • Saving to different file formats
  • Managing color
  • Cleaning the scanner and images
  • Reproducing versus assigning colors
  • Recognizing contone versus dot pattern images
  • Understanding bit depth
  • Scanning logos and line art
  • Scanning transparent film, positive or negative
  • Capturing high dynamic range (HDR) scans

Scanning Techniques for Photography Art and Design : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 8s
  • What you should know before watching this course3m 54s
  • Using the exercise files1m 43s
  • Scanners and digital cameras3m 6s
  • Types of scanners5m 2s
  • Scanner location3m 19s
  • What scanners and digital cameras create7m 22s
  • Understanding grayscale values and channels3m 19s
  • Understanding pixels and vectors4m 1s
  • Choosing pixels or vectors2m 27s
  • Resolving resolution6m 32s
  • Working with interpolation3m 31s
  • Understanding the effects of compression2m 4s
  • Evaluating and correcting images with histograms8m 26s
  • Saving to different file formats7m 4s
  • Color management4m 23s
  • Cleaning your scanner7m 31s
  • Cleaning your images7m 47s
  • Calibrating your scanner9m 13s
  • Creating and applying a color management profile8m 51s
  • Evaluating your scan challenges9m 46s
  • Reproducing vs. assigning colors6m 20s
  • Recognizing continuous tone (contone) vs. dot pattern images4m 49s
  • Understanding bit depth8m 49s
  • Selecting a scan mode8m 20s
  • Sharpening and its effects10m 40s
  • Creating and assigning color management profiles8m 43s
  • Taking the Tazmanian Oath!3m 38s
  • Choosing your weapon4m 2s
  • Setting up your scanning preferences12m 14s
  • Performing a prescan2m 53s
  • Assigning a scan frame5m 40s
  • Determining scan resolution7m 57s
  • Choosing a scan mode and bit depth5m 53s
  • Naming images1m 49s
  • Scanning simple logos and line art12m 21s
  • Scanning complex line art7m 33s
  • Scanning grayscale contones13m 21s
  • Scanning color contones13m 54s
  • Sharpening9m 39s
  • Scanning printed/screened or patterned images7m 1s
  • Scanning positive transparency film12m 33s
  • Scanning negative transparency film9m 11s
  • Capturing high dynamic range (HDR) scans1m 47s
  • Setting up wet scans14m 29s
  • Scanning, converting, and using simple line art5m 32s
  • Scanning and using detailed line art10m 52s
  • Scanning landscapes15m 50s
  • Scanning product shots11m 58s
  • Scanning combo/complex images9m 3s
  • Adjusting distressed images11m 12s
  • Scanning images with no neutrals11m 57s
  • Post-scan touch-ups2m 7s
  • Scanning images for multiple uses10m 44s
  • Automatic scanning10m 40s
  • Streamlining big jobs with batch scanning5m 22s
  • Using your manufacturer's scanning software3m 14s
  • Goodbye27s

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