Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios

Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios

Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios is an Intermediate level study on Business, created by the author, Jim Stice. This study is an essential pillar for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Finance, Business, Business Skills, Marketing and Finance.

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Author Jim Stice
Publish Date 2/2/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 34m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 27
Last Update 3/13/2020

Financial ratios—such as ROI (return on investment) or ROA (return on assets)— are a valuable tool for measuring a company’s progress against a financial goal, a certain competitor, or the overall industry. In this course, professors Jim and Kay Stice explain the financial ratios found on balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow statements and provide examples from real-world companies such as Walmart, Nordstrom, and McDonald’s. They help you understand how to use financial ratios to analyze or benchmark your company against other companies.

Topics include:

  • Identify the financial statement where you can find the source of financing for a company to buy assets.
  • Name the category that liabilities must be paid from.
  • Explain what you want to see when you look at a company’s operating income percentage.
  • List the steps to calculate accounts receivable turnover.
  • Identify the two components to use when calculating current ratio.
  • Recall the pitfall you need to avoid when performing financial ratio analysis.

Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios : Video Lessons

  • Gain financial insights1m 36s
  • Introduction to financial ratio analysis2m 52s
  • What are the financial statements?1m 23s
  • The balance sheet6m 29s
  • The income statement3m 44s
  • The statement of cash flows4m 32s
  • The DuPont company: creating accounting history1m 35s
  • Return on equity3m 34s
  • DuPont framework3m 31s
  • DuPont framework: Target and Walmart4m 34s
  • Problem description to explanation2m 5s
  • Olympic medals and GDP per capita2m 7s
  • Common size overview5m 3s
  • Target's common-size income statement3m 27s
  • Target's common-size balance sheet3m 29s
  • Mark-up vs. profitability: Harry Winston vs. Walmart2m 1s
  • Number of days' sales in inventory4m 46s
  • Average collection period4m 21s
  • Length of the operating cycle3m 44s
  • Fixed asset turnover and other utilization ratios4m 43s
  • Singapore Airlines' low leverage1m 38s
  • Current ratio3m 14s
  • Leverage ratios6m 33s
  • Historical data pitfalls and baseball1m 57s
  • Excess data and comparability issues5m 53s
  • "Smoking gun" and historical data biases3m 19s
  • What financial ratio analysis can NOT do2m 16s

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