Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout is an Intermediate level course on Web, crafted by the author, Clarissa Peterson. This course is an important pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Web talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Web, Web Foundations, HTML, Web, Web Foundations and HTML.

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Author Clarissa Peterson
Publish Date 10/24/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 32m
Topic HTML
Video Tutorials 51
Last Update N/A

Responsive design demands that websites adapt to the device they are displayed on. Responsive layout is key, and HTML and CSS now offer features that make it easier than ever to create layouts that will work well on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. In this course, Clarissa Peterson covers the basics of designing responsive website layouts with the latest standards, including CSS Flexbox and Grid. Review the basics, such as working with the position and float properties to adjust the location of elements on screen, and discover how to use media queries to proactively update your layout. Then dive into CSS Grid, including aligning and ordering items within the grid, and find out to work flexbox containers. Finally, learn to build a 12-column design that combines Grid and Flexbox in one layout.

Topics include:

  • What is responsive design?
  • The responsive page structure
  • Accessibility and responsive design
  • Using media queries
  • Designing with CSS Grid
  • Designing with CSS Flexbox

Responsive Layout : Video Lessons

  • Go cross-platform with responsive design49s
  • What you should know1m 7s
  • Viewport2m 22s
  • Required CSS3m 39s
  • Display property2m 25s
  • Positioning4m 59s
  • Floats2m 37s
  • Units3m 33s
  • Responsive design1m 55s
  • Media queries6m 25s
  • Flexbox and Grid1m 9s
  • Accessibility5m 48s
  • Browser support1m 36s
  • Intro to CSS Grid2m 10s
  • Defining rows and columns3m 55s
  • Grid gap1m 52s
  • Sizing rows and columns5m 52s
  • Placing grid items5m 51s
  • Grid alignment overview1m 13s
  • Aligning tracks3m 46s
  • Aligning grid items within tracks2m
  • Aligning individual grid items1m 47s
  • Variable columns4m 45s
  • Grid template areas4m 12s
  • Naming grid lines2m 47s
  • Ordering grid items1m 16s
  • Grid flow and implicit tracks3m 55s
  • Challenge: The rainbow box1m 9s
  • Solution: The rainbow box6m 42s
  • Defining a flexbox container1m 53s
  • Direction3m 36s
  • Wrapping2m 30s
  • Ordering flex items1m 28s
  • Flexbox alignment overview1m 39s
  • Aligning items on main axis3m 16s
  • Aligning items on cross axis3m 35s
  • Aligning lines on cross axis3m 15s
  • Aligning individual flex items1m 38s
  • Distributing space to flex items4m 43s
  • Challenge: Floats to flexbox1m 21s
  • Solution: Floats to flexbox8m 17s
  • Centering content1m 54s
  • 3-column layout with grid areas, part 13m 33s
  • 3-column layout with grid areas, part 24m 10s
  • 3-column layout with flexbox3m 14s
  • 12-column layout setup4m 7s
  • 12-column layout for medium viewports3m 24s
  • 12-column layout for wide viewports2m 58s
  • Next steps35s

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