Recovering Photos from Memory Cards

Recovering Photos from Memory Cards

Recovering Photos from Memory Cards is an Intermediate level study on Photography, written by an expert, Derrick Story. This study is an essential pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, DSLR Video, Photography, Video, Cameras + Gear, DSLR Video, Photography and Video.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 7/3/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 39m 4s
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 18
Last Update N/A

It’s true about hard drives and it’s true about memory cards: if you haven’t experienced the pain of data loss, you will. You might accidentally delete a shot using your camera’s controls. Your memory card might fail—or you might drop it in a puddle.

When bad things happen, this course can help. Photographer and author Derrick Story details a variety of disaster scenarios and provides practical advice for surviving them. Learn how to recover accidentally deleted photos, retrieve photos from a memory card that’s generating errors, and work with cards that have been physically damaged.

Derrick demonstrates a variety of photo-recovering software for the Macintosh and Windows PC, and concludes with advice on keeping your memory cards—and the photos and video they contain—healthy. The techniques in this course apply to SD, microSD, and CF cards, as well as memory sticks.

Recovering Photos from Memory Cards : Video Lessons

  • Welcome56s
  • Essential tools for photo recovery53s
  • You've accidentally erased or formatted a memory card53s
  • Your camera is displaying an error message1m 45s
  • Your memory card got immersed in water1m 21s
  • A corner of a card got broken off1m 9s
  • A card got stuck in the camera1m 2s
  • The card is accidentally locked1m 23s
  • Testing your card for image recovery1m 59s
  • Recovering photos using a Mac computer5m 58s
  • Recovering photos using a Windows computer4m 51s
  • What happens when you erase pictures in your camera?1m 35s
  • The difference between formatting a card and erasing it2m 15s
  • Formatting: In the camera or in the computer?1m 37s
  • Choosing cards: Quality and capacity concerns4m 39s
  • Treating your cards properly: In the computer and in the camera2m 46s
  • Commonsense tips--that aren't always practiced2m 38s
  • Next steps1m 24s

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