Python Data Structures:  Linked Lists

Python Data Structures: Linked Lists

Python Data Structures: Linked Lists is an Advanced level course on Developer, written by the creator, Erin Allard. This course is an essential foundation for a person who needs to excel in his/her Developer talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Programming Languages, Python, Developer, Programming Languages and Python.

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Author Erin Allard
Publish Date 4/23/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 30m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 22
Last Update N/A

Rock your next technical interview by using Python to code some of the most common linear data structures: singly and doubly linked lists. In this course, instructor Erin Allard digs into the subject of linked lists, sharing what you need to know to communicate your understanding of this data structure to an interviewer. Erin goes over abstract data types and helps you conceptualize nodes in linked lists. She also discusses how to create both the singly linked list and doubly linked list classes and goes over how to implement key methods. Throughout the course, she not only shows how to code the class and methods for each data structure, but also explains why each method is needed.

Topics include:

  • Abstract data types
  • Identifying the list data type and its uses
  • Operations on linked lists
  • Defining and coding the singly linked node class
  • Creating the singly linked list class and its methods
  • Creating the doubly linked list class and its methods

Python Data Structures: Linked Lists : Video Lessons

  • Understanding linked lists54s
  • What you should know1m 20s
  • Abstract data types2m 39s
  • The built-in list data type in Python2m 45s
  • The linked list abstract data type: Nodes4m 24s
  • The linked list abstract data type: Operations2m 27s
  • Defining the singly linked list node class2m 20s
  • Coding the singly linked list node class7m 44s
  • get_prev() and set_prev()4m 16s
  • Creating the SinglyLinkedList class and its methods4m 47s
  • is_empty()2m 34s
  • add_front()4m 10s
  • size()5m 46s
  • search()5m 34s
  • Visualizing remove()2m 24s
  • Coding remove()5m 59s
  • Testing remove()2m 43s
  • Creating the DoublyLinkedList class and its methods3m 40s
  • size() and search()1m 23s
  • Coding add_front()4m 30s
  • Testing add_front()3m 42s
  • Next steps1m 31s

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