Prototyping Microinteractions with Adobe Animate

Prototyping Microinteractions with Adobe Animate

Prototyping Microinteractions with Adobe Animate is an Intermediate level course on Web, compiled by the author, Joseph Labrecque. This course is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Web expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Interaction Design, Web, User Experience, Adobe Animate, Interaction Design, Web, User Experience and Adobe Animate.

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Author Joseph Labrecque
Publish Date 8/23/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 50m
Topic Adobe Animate
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update N/A

Progress bars, ripple and pulsing effects, and other microinteractions should achieve a single task, and do so in a way that feels unobtrusive. But while these elements may be understated, they play an important role in a user’s overall experience with your project. In this course, join Joseph Labrecque as he demonstrates how to prototype gestures and design a number of useful microinteractions for UX design projects using Adobe Animate. Explore the basics of creating motion within Animate, as well as how to prototype common gestures such as the double tap and long press. Finally, learn how to design a variety of microinteractions, including stretch and fill, icon transformation, and bouncing icons.

Topics include:

  • Setting up Adobe Animate to create microinteractions
  • Shape, classic, and motion tweens
  • Easing with the Properties panel and Motion Editor
  • Using masks
  • Prototyping gestures, including tap and swipe
  • Designing progress bars and bouncing icons

Prototyping Microinteractions with Adobe Animate : Video Lessons

  • Prototype microinteractions with Adobe Animate48s
  • What you should know39s
  • Using the exercise files47s
  • What are microinteractions?1m 10s
  • Configuring an Animate document3m 56s
  • Drawing basic shapes3m 19s
  • Using the timeline4m 28s
  • Adding keyframes3m 7s
  • Defining frame labels2m 15s
  • Shape tweens5m 13s
  • Creating symbols2m 43s
  • Classic tweens2m 3s
  • Easing with the Properties panel4m 4s
  • Motion tweens3m 17s
  • Easing with the Motion Editor3m 32s
  • Using masks4m 44s
  • Tap gestures5m 53s
  • Double-tap3m 29s
  • Long press6m 9s
  • Swipe gesture6m 9s
  • Pinch gesture6m 8s
  • Progress bar6m 36s
  • Bouncing icon5m 1s
  • Icon transformation5m 1s
  • Stretch and fill6m 23s
  • Ripple effect7m
  • Pulsing effect6m 18s
  • Further information31s

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