Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer X

Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer X

Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer X is an Advanced level study on CAD, produced by the author, Emmanuel Henri. This study is a critical foundation for anyone who needs to excel in his/her CAD talent. It provides you a thorough grip on CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Framer X, CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience and Framer X.

Free Download - Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer X
Author Emmanuel Henri
Publish Date 9/26/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 3m
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

Developers and designers know that UI mockups have limits. Eventually an interactive prototype is needed to be able to more fully convey the interactions involved in a user’s experience. In this course, Emmanuel Henri shows how to create a prototype of a mobile app using Framer. He starts by showing how to set up a project, gather exported graphics, and import graphics into Framer X. Then he covers how to create each view, link the views, add interactive components, create form inputs, and even animate interactions. Finally, he demonstrates how to complete the prototype so you can deliver it to clients or stakeholders for review.

Topics include:

  • Researching other apps for inspiration
  • Getting assets available for use in Framer X
  • Creating simple views in an app
  • Linking screens in an app
  • Adding scroll functionality to an app
  • Creating list views in an app
  • Using app components
  • Creating form inputs
  • Adding an alternative data view
  • Animating with overrides

Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer X : Video Lessons

  • Prototype a mobile CRM with Framer X1m 15s
  • What you should know44s
  • Inspiration research3m 23s
  • Color and style research3m 26s
  • Font research3m 45s
  • Assets available for use in Framer X2m 14s
  • Create initial views5m 6s
  • Add link for linking screen4m 8s
  • Add scroll for people list5m 26s
  • Challenge: Create the company list1m 2s
  • Solution: Create the company list3m 45s
  • Leveraging components3m 38s
  • Creating inputs in your add person form6m 7s
  • Finalize the form4m 58s
  • Add the detail view6m 37s
  • Animating with overrides6m 34s
  • Next steps1m 10s

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