Programming Foundations: Design Patterns

Programming Foundations: Design Patterns

Programming Foundations: Design Patterns is an Intermediate level study on Developer, created by an expert, Elisabeth Robson. This study is an essential base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Developer talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Design Patterns, Developer, Programming Foundations, Java, JavaScript, Python, Design Patterns, Developer, Programming Foundations, Java, JavaScript and Python.

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Author Elisabeth Robson
Publish Date 5/6/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 44m
Topic Design Patterns
Video Tutorials 48
Last Update N/A

Design patterns are reusable solutions that solve the challenges software developers face over and over again. Rather than reinventing the wheel, learn how to make use of these proven and tested patterns that will make your software more flexible and resilient to change. This course introduces you to design patterns and takes you through several of the most used object-oriented patterns. Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman, coauthors of Head First Design Patterns, join forces to provide an overview of each pattern and examples of the pattern in action. Featured design patterns include the Strategy, Adapter, Observer, and Decorator patterns. Elisabeth and Eric lend these concepts a real-world context by providing code demos in Java, with the occasional example in Python and JavaScript.

Topics include:

  • What are design patterns?
  • Encapsulating code that varies with the Strategy pattern
  • The limitations of inheritance
  • Using the Adapter pattern
  • Implementing the Observer pattern
  • Extending behavior with composition and the Decorator pattern
  • Encapsulating iteration with the Iterator pattern
  • Object creation with the Factory Method pattern
  • Using design principles to guide your object-oriented design

Programming Foundations: Design Patterns : Video Lessons

  • Don't reinvent the wheel1m 12s
  • What you should know1m 36s
  • Object-oriented design experience2m 57s
  • What are design patterns?2m 51s
  • What are design principles?2m 10s
  • Revisiting inheritance1m 30s
  • Limitations of inheritance4m 19s
  • Trying interfaces2m 28s
  • Get inspiration from design principles3m 37s
  • Programming to an interface1m 32s
  • Applying the principles4m 36s
  • Exploring the strategy pattern1m 59s
  • Why HAS-A is better than IS-A2m 4s
  • Challenge: The Strategy pattern2m
  • Solution: The Strategy pattern46s
  • Understanding the adapter pattern1m 37s
  • The Adapter pattern defined1m 48s
  • Using the Adapter pattern4m 22s
  • Challenge: The Adapter pattern48s
  • Solution: The Adapter pattern1m 20s
  • Understanding the Observer pattern2m 22s
  • The Observer pattern defined2m 7s
  • Using the Observer pattern2m 23s
  • The Observer pattern and loose coupling1m 24s
  • Challenge: The Observer pattern59s
  • Solution: The Observer pattern54s
  • Creating chaos with inheritance4m 12s
  • Understanding the open-closed principle2m 49s
  • Extending behavior with composition2m 29s
  • Understanding the decorator pattern2m 23s
  • Using the Decorator pattern5m 6s
  • Challenge: The Decorator pattern40s
  • Solution: The Decorator pattern1m 22s
  • Encapsulating iteration1m 44s
  • Understanding the Iterator pattern2m 28s
  • Using the Iterator pattern3m 36s
  • Using built-in iterators1m 19s
  • The single responsibility principle1m 20s
  • The iterator pattern as language feature1m 30s
  • Challenge: The Iterator pattern57s
  • Solution: The Iterator pattern36s
  • The need for factory patterns4m 39s
  • The Factory Method pattern3m 8s
  • Using the Factory Method pattern2m 25s
  • Challenge: The simple Factory pattern1m 9s
  • Solution: The simple Factory pattern1m 9s
  • Applying patterns2m 4s
  • Where to go from here1m 37s

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