Product Photography: Clothes and Textiles

Product Photography: Clothes and Textiles

Product Photography: Clothes and Textiles is an Intermediate level study on 3D + Animation, crafted by the creator, Konrad Eek. This study is an important step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video, Photoshop, Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video and Photoshop.

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Author Konrad Eek
Publish Date 1/13/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 5m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 18
Last Update N/A

Photographing textiles, whether a shirt or a handmade quilt, requires careful styling and lighting to accurately show the texture of the fabric and the way it folds and drapes—and to make it look as beautiful as possible.

In this course, commercial photographer Konrad Eek explores the creative and technical decisions involved in photographing textiles. After introducing basics, such as ironing and folding, the course explores a variety of shooting scenarios, including photographing a garment on a slant board or against a wall, a blanket draped on a chair, and a stack of clothing. Konrad demonstrates basic lighting techniques as well as more advanced ones, such as using a cookie (also called a gobo or cuculoris) to cast dramatic shadows. The course concludes with a brief overview of the Adobe Photoshop post-processing often involved in textile photography.

Product Photography: Clothes and Textiles : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 36s
  • What makes an effective photo of textiles?4m 46s
  • Styling tools for textile photography6m 4s
  • Lighting textiles to expose texture2m 41s
  • Styling a garment on a slant board7m 40s
  • Lighting a garment on a slant board7m 9s
  • Understanding the lighting ratios in the slant-board shot4m 16s
  • Shooting a garment on a slant board8m 29s
  • Using a foam model to style clothing8m 55s
  • Lighting and shooting clothing on a foam model6m 45s
  • Styling a blanket on a chair5m 5s
  • Lighting and shooting a photo of a blanket on a chair12m 2s
  • Styling the stack of towels for the photo5m 24s
  • Lighting and shooting the stack of towels8m 32s
  • Reviewing the images from the color story stack3m 14s
  • Styling clothing in a fan pattern for a photo9m 19s
  • Lighting and shooting the fan of shirts13m 27s
  • Post work and next steps9m 38s

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