Prime Lenses for Photography and Video Production

Prime Lenses for Photography and Video Production

Prime Lenses for Photography and Video Production is an Intermediate level study on Photography, crafted by an expert, Richard Harrington. This study is an essential step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, DSLR Video, Photography, Video, Cameras + Gear, DSLR Video, Photography and Video.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 5/19/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 46m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 28
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Most cameras come with a zoom lens, and there’s no denying a zoom lens provides focal-length flexibility. But prime lenses—ones with a fixed focal length—have their place. They’re often faster, and their optical qualities can be superior to that of a zoom lens.

In this course, Rich Harrington joins cinematographer James Ball for a detailed look at the pros and cons of using prime lenses for both photography and video projects. Together, they look at practical implications of shooting with primes as well as creative opportunities and challenges.

Topics include:

  • Understanding prime lenses
  • Adapting lenses to specific cameras
  • Identifying benefits and challenges when working with prime lenses
  • Working with specialty prime lenses: macro and Lomography lenses
  • Exploring options with a shallow depth of field
  • Strategies for success with prime lenses

Prime Lenses for Photography and Video Production : Video Lessons

  • What you’ll learn in this course2m 52s
  • What is a prime lens?6m 14s
  • How are prime lenses different from zoom lenses?8m 45s
  • Common mounts for photo primes6m 27s
  • Common mounts for video and cinema primes6m 23s
  • Using lens adapters4m 9s
  • Testing an adapted lens6m 58s
  • Sensor coverage requirements for lenses7m 40s
  • Stabilizing prime lenses4m 25s
  • Working with vintage primes4m 46s
  • Enhancing shallow depth of field5m 27s
  • Using a macro lens for closeup details8m 53s
  • Improving low-light performance9m 38s
  • Precise controls with prime lenses12m 46s
  • Reducing lens distortion and profiling prime lenses8m 27s
  • Aesthetic characteristics of prime lenses5m 7s
  • The impact of weight reduction4m 54s
  • Increased movement caused by fixed focal lengths3m 50s
  • Increased skill requirements for focus3m 37s
  • Managing client expectations5m
  • Shooting with a fisheye lens4m 12s
  • Shooting with a wide-angle lens4m 31s
  • Shooting with a tilt-shift lens3m 50s
  • Shooting with Lensbaby lenses9m 35s
  • Shooting with Lomography lenses6m 13s
  • Developing a working style4m 44s
  • Choosing a coverage range5m 18s
  • Next steps2m

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